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Alamo Falcon 15 Flex Wing Mower

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We're out today with a really unique piece that came through our a lot that we thought we'd show you today. It's an Alamo Falcon 15 Flex Wing Mower. The really unique piece about this is that it's not driven with traditional PTO Drivelines and instead is completely hydraulically operated. You'll notice here there's large hydraulic motors sitting over the top of each of the wings and a large reservoir with pumps up here in the middle.

By operating this whole thing hydraulically, there's some pretty unique things about this mower that you don't have in a traditional driveline-operated machine. For instance, when you go into a turn, you could turn this machine as sharply as you possibly could want without having to worry about chattering drivelines as you go through your corners. The wings too because they don't have drivelines coming out to them and are just simply run up by hoses can operate it up to a 45-degree angle. Which is steeper than what most driveline-driven mowers can operate at.

Most of those are only recommended to go to about 20 degrees or so before you'll start to get a lot of chatter in the driveline. In this case, this mower is headed out to an airport which makes a lot of sense. Because the airport has a lot of really steep swells and stuff that they need to be able to mow and so this mower enables them to do that. A setup like this is really a purpose-built rig. It's not something you're going to be moving between a lot of different tasks. If you look back here, you can see the hydraulic pumps for this are bolted right onto the back of the tractor with a gearing piece in here to go to two large Parker hydraulic pumps.

They are bolted right on to the back of the machine. These things are going to generate the flow in and out of this reservoir over here in order to operate the wings. Environments like airport and municipal applications often have safety concerns that go far beyond, say, a farmer pulling a mower through a pasture. In this case, the chain shielding that's typically put on the front and the back of these wings on these Falcon mowers is two layers.

This extra layer of chain is going to make sure that no flying debris makes it through. This ring right here on the bottom side the deck is called a deck ring. In mowers that are sold in a lot of these municipal applications, these deck rings are often required. Their purpose is that if this blade is spinning around and contacts something hard while it's spinning, the ring will keep the blade from possibly penetrating up through the bottom deck of the mower.

Rally some unique applications that we get into with this equipment. They're going to call for things that you may not see in an everyday application. Continuing on our airline theme, the tires on the back of this are actually also airplane tires. This is an option on a lot of rotary mowers like this where they actually will buy tires that are coming off of small aircraft that can't be used on the aircraft anymore but for a mowing application are really ideal.

These tires can be, say, 18 and 20 ply, they're very, very thick and have a lot of rubber in them so that they're not apt to go flat on you during a demanding application. As you can see, we here at Messick's are in a lot of different things. We do agriculture, we do construction and also sell a lot of equipment in the municipal applications. If you have a unique application for a piece of equipment or a unique job that needs to be done, give us a call and see if we can help. We're available at 800 222 3373, we're online at

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