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New Holland Boomer 24 product walk around

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This is New Holland smallest tractor in their line up and it makes a great compact tractor for the homeowner and the hobby farmer for the Homeowner and the hobby farmer. First off, there's Boomer 24 here has 24 engine horsepower. It also comes in a two-range hydrostatic transmission. Let's take a look at the front end of the boomer 24 tractor. Your diesel fuel fill is right here, easy to reach, easy to open hood, just pull the latch, open it up. Inside is a three-cylinder diesel engine, easy to access air filter which is the change is right here.

On the other far side here down here at the bottom, you've got your fuel filter, easy to change and also your engine oil filter all easy reach. On the boomer 24, it's easy to get to the battery, to the coolant level and also to clean your radiator screen and also to fill your antifreeze. This is the back end of the boomer 24 tractor, you have your top link to hook to implement, your three point hitch and also your 540 PTO shaft. You also, the tractor has a foldable ROPS. If you need to get into tight in low clearance areas, you can fold it down. Let's go over some of the controls of the boomer 24 tractor.

First off, your parking brake is engaged right down here, you step on the pedal, pull it up. You also have cruise control so if you like the speed you're going, you can lock your speed the tractor. You also appear have a nice instrument panel, your fuel gauge, your RPMs, your hours, your coolant temperature. You also have your light switch and hazard lights control right here in the left and on the right is your throttle. Located here on the left side of your tractor within easy reach is your two range hydro, you have a low range, neutral and high. You also have your four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive controls.

The hydrostatic transmission is engaged by two pedal control, forward and reverse. The dual pedal makes it easy for your foot to operate and not get confused with going backwards or forward with a rocker pedal. Located on your right hand side of the tractor, you have your loader joystick, your PTO controls. One thing nice about the PTO control is you just turn the knob, PTO is on, to release, just bump it.

You also have your three point hitch controls to raise and lower your implement. Also you have what PTO setting you need. If it's going to be in the back or the mid-mow if you have a belly mower or front implement. I thank you for letting me present this tractor to you, if you have any questions, you can contact us at 8002223373

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