FPPF Fuel Treatments: 32oz Polar Power, Part # 00106

FPPF Fuel Treatments: 32oz Polar Power

Part Number 00106
Vendor FPPF Fuel Treatments
Messick's Price $13.70
Stock Quantity 100+
Classification Fuel Treatments
Weight 2.00 lbs
Days to Order In stock
Octane Boost No
Sludge Treatment Yes
Water Displacment Yes
Gas or Diesel Diesel
Lubrication Yes
Stop Gelling Yes

Our Deluxe Anti-gel and Water Dispersant
This unique formulation combines all the benefits of Fuel Power with the most advanced cold flow improver on the market. Polar Power provides superior protection in the cold weather months.
Polar Power can offer the following benefits:

  • Contains Fuel Power.
  • Contains wax dispersant.
  • Lowers pour point.
  • Contains seed crystal modifier.
  • Lowers cold filter plug point.
  • Contains No Alcohols!

Part Number 00106
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Weight 0 lbs