New tractor owner ORIENTATION VIDEO

Today we're outside with the Kubota Standard L Series tractor. I'm going to take a couple of minutes and go through a new owner introduction on this tractor. We've done a lot of videos on feature, function, benefit type stuff, and shown how machines work, but there is a particular process that we walk through in conversation that we have with everybody who's buying a tractor for the first time. I'm going to take a couple of minutes here and go around this tractor and show you all the controls, how to operate it.

Is there a proper engine RPM for loader work?

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three-Minute Thursday. Today's short conversation is going to be about your tractor's hydraulic system and the way that it builds pressure.

How much DAMAGE do R4 tires do to a wet lawn?

We're out with a Kubota BX series tractor with a set of R4 tires on it to do a quick demo for you today on the turf damage that is done by an industrial tire. You guys seem to like tire videos. Every one of them that we do seems to solicit a lot of comments and a lot of opinions. We're going to take a little bit more time today and go over the turf damage that happens from an R4

Adding a skid steer quick connector to an old tractor

Today's short conversation is going to be about the process that it takes to take an older tractor that has a pin on bucket on the loader and install a skid steer quick coupler

Tips for loading and hauling your equipment

Today we're going to do a video to show you some of the pitfalls that you can watch out for when hauling your tractor on a trailer. The amount of improperly loaded and overloaded trailers that you'll see with equipment on it is shockingly and unfortunately common. One thing's that guys often do wrong when they're sizing their trailer to their equipment is not calculating the GVW properly


Today, we're out in the parking lot with a Kubota BX series tractor. We're going to go through the steps of taking the mower deck on and off the machine and show you how to install and remove the non-drive over version of the Kubota BX deck. This process is relatively the same on all BX series tractors, whether you're looking at the new 80 series or one of the prior models that have been built over the last 15 years or so.

Is the Kubota BX1880 enough tractor for you?

Neil from Messick's here. Sitting outside today on a Kubota BX 1880. Today we're going to have a short conversation about this tractor and when is it enough for most guys' applications, and when does it come up a little bit short? I shoot a lot of videos with sub-compact tractors and sometimes I feel in the comments and when talking to guys, I almost feel like a little bit of a defender of the subcompact. A lot of guys watching our videos have all kinds of different applications. 

Kubota L3560 Limited Edition Cab Tractor

Neil from Messicks here out to do my favorite kind of video a new product launch video. We're going to go today over the L3560 Limited Edition and tell you exactly what makes this tractor Limited. A lot of times in the car world limited edition means that you're getting something more it's usually used for the high trim models, but in the case of this tractor, it's actually the opposite. The limited-edition version of this tractor is a cheaper version than the regular L3560 variant that we've been selling for many years. 

*New* Tractor Tire Option. R14 from Goodyear \ Titan Tire

Neil from Messick's here, with one of the new 2019 Kubota B2601 tractors, sporting a new set of tires. This is the R14 that just came out here from Goodyear Titan. We're going to take you around this tractor here today, talk about these tires a little bit, and maybe find out if it might be a good selection for you. 

TESTED - Loader Capacity VS. Height

Neil from Messick's here, out today with the Kubota LA 434 front-loader. Today we're going to do a little bit of load cell testing down in our test pit. I've got here buried about 10 feet underground a tire with a chain attached to it and a loader cell between my loader and that chain going down underground. I'm going to go through and do a couple of demonstrations here for you today showing how lift, height, and the positioning on your loader bucket impacts your lift capacity. 

TESTED - Turf VS. R4 - Snow Traction

We very frequently hear from customers how well turf tires can perform in the snow and something you wouldn't necessarily expect because of them not cleaning out so well. We're going to actually put some numbers to that here today

Kubota BX-Series 3pt hitch installation

Neil from Messick's here with today's Three Minute Thursday. Today I'm going to take a couple of minutes to show you how to put a three-point hitch kit onto the back of your BX tractor. 

Kubota BX-B-L-MX-M | What series is right for you?

Neil from Messick's here to talk through with you today on the different series of tractors that Kubota makes. I spent the better part of about the last three years making fairly regular videos on these different models and their features and functionality. Consider this the index. If you have no idea where to start in your tractor buying process, this is where you're going to want to begin. We'll get you honed in here to the right series tractor for your application. 

New Holland Workmaster 25s SubCompact Tractor Walk Around and Review

Neil from Messicks here today with the New Holland Workmaster 25s. Today we're going to take a couple of minutes and walking around this tractor and show you the newest addition to New Holland's compact tractor family. In the last several years there's been some changes to CNH's distribution of their compact tractors. If you paid attention to this industry much, a lot of the outsourcing happens in this business between the manufacturers whose names are on the side of the hood and the companies that are actually building the tractors. Manufacturer relationships you're going to find in probably about 80% of the tractors that are out there today. 

TOP 5 WORST Tractor Attachments

Neil from Messick's here today with a little bit of a fun tractor video. I post a question on some Facebook groups about a month ago for guys to vote on what their worst most frustrating to use tractor attachment was. I'm going to run you through some of those here today. The number five most frustrating implement to use is a three-point hitch snowblower. 

Understanding Tractor Horsepower. Gross \ Net \ PTO \ Drawbar

Today's short conversation is going to be about horsepower and all the varying standards that exist that are a little bit confusing. 

Using a Grading Scraper | Land Pride GS1560

This is one of my favorite attachments in order to sell to new tractor buyers. It's one of those pieces that you very easily can drop right on the ground and go to work and get really good results from. Come along with me here today. I'm going to show you around this project that I'm working on. Maybe on of these things is right for you. 

Unexpected uses for a 3 point quick hitch | LandPride QH05

Neil from Messick's here. Today, to talk to you a little bit about a three-point quick hitch for the back of your tractor. Nearly 500 videos on YouTube now, believe it or not, and in several of them, I've actually bad mouth these things a little bit. The dealership side, they cause us a little bit of frustration sometimes because industry standards between these quick hitches and your implements are not strictly defined. There's a lot of implements these quick hitches don't work well with. That gives us sometimes a little bit of a bad taste for them. 

Get your Tractor out of the mud using your Front Loader

Today, I'm going to show you how to get your tractor unstuck from the mud using your load or there's a little technique that you can do to help get that tractor out on your own, without needing another machine in order to tow you out 

Hydraulic Front Auger on a Compact Tractor

Neil from Messick's here, out today with the Land Pride S 820 post auger to go on the front of some compact tractors, or machines are going to have a little less hydraulic flow. This is a unique piece that we've had a lot of interest in here lately, coming from guys that are a little disappointed in the performance of three-point hitch post augers. Remember, about a year ago or so ago I did what was one of our most popular videos of the five worst attachments for a compact tractor. One of those was a three-point hitch post auger. This is the much better alternative. We'll take a walk around here and show you exactly how this fits up to the tractor.