History of NH Small Square Balers

I'm Brian Messick with Messick Farm Equipment. Today, we're going to talk about small square balers. Specifically, we're going to try to highlight some of the differences in the New Holland small square balers through the years. We're going to look at a New Holland 326 baler that was built back in the early '80s. It was the highest capacity baler at the time, and the largest small square baler New Holland made. 

Kubota BV4160 Round Baler Walk Around and Review

Back in 2012, Kubota purchased a Kverneland Group, which we primarily knew here in the US as Vicon. Those pieces were sold as Vicon and, also, under a whole bunch of different manufacturers, painted different colors, but Kubota is now the owner of that company, the owner of all that technology and assets. Hay rakes, tedders, disc mowers, those kinds of things, you will see a lot of commonality with Vicon equipment. However, the baler is different.