Kubota KXO33-4 Compact Excavator Walk Around & Review

This model here replaces the prior model which we're lucky enough to have side by side, the KX91. Join me here as we walk around and we’ll point out a couple of new differences on this updated model. The KX91 has been a really popular model for us. We stock quite a few of them both for customers and for our own rental fleet. One of the things that’s made this machine so popular is that this is the heaviest Kubota excavator that we can sell that can fit onto a 10,000 pound trailer.

Excavator Coupler Options

Today we have a customer setting up his excavator using a pin grabber coupler. I'm going to show you the pin grabber, exactly how it works and also the traditional mechanical coupler as well. And show you some of the two pros and cons of the different coupler systems that you can have between your buckets and your excavators. So the coupler that you'll typically find on most excavators is a traditional mechanical coupler.