Case / Miller Pro / New Holland: NOZZLE, Part # 07.17359


Part Number 07.17359
Vendor Case
Messick's Price $11.66
Stock Quantity 0
Weight 0.00 lbs
Days to Order 3-7 business days
Replaces 07.17359-50

Miller Pro: TurboDrop® XL Venturi Nozzle #2

Part Number 07.17359
Vendor Miller Pro
Messick's Price $11.99
Stock Quantity 0
Classification Sprayer Tips
Weight 0.04 lbs
Days to Order 3-5 business days
Orifice Size 8
Spray Pattern Flat Fan
Degree 110
GreenLeaf Number TDXL11002

Same as GreenLeaf TDXL11002

• Wide Pressure Range: TDXL 20-120psi; TDCXL 30-120psi

• Drift Control Across a Wide Pressure Range
Allows Varying GPA rate with one nozzle without Slowing Down.

• Separate Injector
Comes apart by hand, easy to clean (no tools required).

• Patented Stabilization Chamber
Even and uniform mixing of air with liquid which gives a smaller droplet spectrum and a homogeneous spray solution across a wide operating range.

• Excellent With Rate Controllers
Wide pressure range allows greatest speed variations.

• Improved Coverage, Reduced Runoff
Air-filled droplets spread on the target surface rather than bouncing off.

• Reduced Clogging
Round metering orifice versus elliptical slit.

• Interchangeable TipCap
Two spray nozzles in one. Other tips may also be used.

• Proven TurboDrop® Technology
Over Eight Years in 35 countries.

•Longer Wear Life
Lower operating pressure & thicker metering orifice compared to other venturi nozzles. Outlasts stainless tips

• Patented Pulsation Dampener
Stable, uniform spray pattern across pressure range gives good patternation and coverage.

• Widest Variety of Applications
Recommended for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, etc.

• More Spray on Target
Dramatic reduction of off-target movement, even in higher winds.

• May Lower Water Usage
Air as well as water is used as a carrier.
(Glyphosate at 5gpa is typical)

New Holland: NOZZLE

Part Number 07.17359
Vendor New Holland
Messick's Price $11.66
Stock Quantity 0
Weight 0.00 lbs
Days to Order 3-7 business days
Replaces 07.17359-50

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