Fuel Treatments

In the last few months fuel companies started rolling out a new ultra low sulfur diesel fuel (ULSD). This new EPA mandated fuel has cleaner emissions than the prior low sulfur products that have been sold in the past, but with a trade off of less lubrication and lower cetane. Current diesel engines should run without any trouble on the new fuel, however you can extend the life of your engine by using a fuel additive that replaces these lost fuel components. Messicks recomends the FPPF "Total Power" Fuel Treatment for most heavy equipment engines.
FPPF Total Power Fuel Treatment

32oz Polar Power
Part #00106
12oz Octane Booster
Part #00140
32oz Diesel Injector Cleaner
Part #00212
32oz Sludge B Gone
Part #00342
32oz Total Power
Part #00343
32oz Agri Fuel Treatment
Part #00351
12oz Gas Antifreeze
Part #21143
Star Tron 8oz Ethynol Treatment
Part #14308
Lawn & Garden Fuel Treatment
Part #100119
12oz Injector Cleaner
Part #22543
32oz Fuel Stabilizer
Part #100006
32oz Meltdown
Part #00124
Part #00105
8oz Fuel Power
Part #00100