Messick's Farming Drone

Precision AG experts suggest there may be more applications for Drones in Agriculture than any other industry. Messick’s has been flying and testing drone technology since 2014, and we’re proud to be the first to market with a product we feel is uniquely suited to farms in our area. The high resolution aerial imagery we can capture can identify crop health issues before you could find them otherwise, helping to improve yields and lower input costs. Contact a Messick’s precision Ag expert to learn about the new opportunities this technology can offer.

industry leading flight times – up to two hours

  • Complete, Flight Tested Airframe 75” wingspan, 2.2lb payload.

  • 3D Robotics Automatic Flight Controller

  • Flight Planning and Control Software for Autonomous Flight (Includes GPS and Flight Data Log)

  • Professional Handheld Remote Controller

  • Upgraded telemetry radios with a 7 mile range

  • 1 Flight Battery & 1 Spare Battery with Rapid Charger

  • Modified Canon S100 RBG imagery camera

  • Maps most farms in a single flight.

  • Online Operations Manual

  • Tutorial Videos

  • Printable Offline Operations Manual

  • Pre-Field / Pre-Flight Checklists

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