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New Holland T4.75 Powerstar Product Review

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Today, I'd like to introduce to you the New Holland Power Star 4.75 tractor. This is a utility tractor in the New Holland offering. This is 75 horsepower gross engine. This tractor is powered by Fiat powertrain four-cylinder turbocharged engine. The admissions on this tier four final engine is a PM catalyst. What that means is you have less regen time than a normal diesel particulate filter up to about one-half the amount of time of regen. It's very good for operating this tractor in a fuel efficiency way.

To start with the tractor, we'll start at the front. We're going to work our way back. The tractor is equipped with a New Holland 655 TL loader. This particular one is skid loader quick attach for your attachment plate so all of your attachments would work over. This factory-fit loader is a subframe mount tied into the Bell housing of the tractor. One option on this tractor equipped with the front end loader is a third function hydraulic which is a set of hydraulic couplers at the end of the boom. What they let you do is control a bell squeeze, a hydraulic angle blade or a grapple bucket from inside the cab of the tractor off of two buttons that are mounted on the joystick. This one is a factory installed third function.

Some other options on this tractor. We have a set of wheel weights, two per side. I'd like to talk about the deluxe cab on this New Holland Powerstar 4.75 This is the best cab in the industry. It is the largest cab. This model tractor more glass to see, more visibility and features in this cab that you'd expect in a 200 plus horsepower tractor. As you enter into the cab, you have your instructor seat which folds up when not in use. Pull down, you can take along your kids, grandkids with you, [unintelligible 00:02:28] a long hard day at work.

As we come across the instrument panel here, we have our shuttle for forward and reverse. This is a hydraulic shuttle with a wet clutch that enables you to go from forward to reverse without having to come to a stop. The next down on your foot as you enter into the tractor, you step and depress this pedal and fold the steering wheel down into your lap. It's very easy and comfortable to work with. This tractor is equipped with an air ride seat in it which is just adjustable from the pedal down here.

As we look at the options and features on the right-hand side of our tractor, we have our commander console, puts all of the features and functions that you operate on a daily basis right at fingertip control. We have our loader joystick which is integrated into the cab of the tractor. You have your buttons on the front which are your third function control for our loader which this is equipped with. You have your gear shift, 1-4 which is a synchronized transmission for on-the-go shifting. As we come across our commander console, we have our two rear hydraulic remotes that are color-coordinated. You could get an optional third remote for this tractor that would be positioned right here.

As we continue across on our console, you have a push button electronic engagement four-wheel drive and that is on-the-go feature. Up our post, we have our conditioning wipers and radio here. The air conditioning and heat in this tractor is phenomenal. We have vents all over this tractor. We have vents that blow on you, vents that blow on the doors to keep the doors from fogging up, defrost vents on the fronts, vents down by your legs. Just wonderful to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summertime.

Over on our right-hand side again is our PTO engagement, just a yellow handle that is a live engagement. It is a wet clutch can be engaged without clutching the tractor. We have our three-point hitch control and draft control as well over on this side. Tractor's equipped with two doors and three windows. The rear window will fold up the whole way like you see. The side windows also open up and lockout as well for ventilation. This tractor is equipped with an optional 540/540E power take off. What that is is when you are in the E-position, which is the forward position, we can achieve 540 revolutions on our rear PTO at 1600 engine rpm.

For low required horsepower operations such as tedding, light-duty mowing, raking, things like that, we can have it set at 540E. Run our tractor at 1600 engine rpm, use much less fuel, much less noise and vibration and still get the work done on the back of the tractor that we're looking to do. As we look, this tractor is also equipped with the high visibility roof panel which is great for loader work as the load gets high in the air. You can still see your bucket without leaning forward and getting out the set of the tractor to see what you're doing.

On the back of the tractor here, we have our deluxe three-point hitch with telescoping link ends. You have pin-on stabilizers that are adjustable. This particular tractor is set up with two rear hydraulic remotes and they are color-coded. They run crossways. They are color-coded, blue and green. The tractor has a three-point hitch control from the back of the tractor. You can raise and lower the three-point hitch from standing here on the ground. Nice feature when hooking up the heavy implements that you can't move. You have your road lighting and your work lighting on the tractor, 540 PTO and you're swinging drawbar.

To finish up here, there are two models in the Power Star family. There is a 4.65 and a 4.75. Both tractors are built on the same frame and same chassis, just engine horsepower is the difference. This tractor is our number one volume moving New Holland utility tractor. With this deluxe cab that we've spoke [sic] about and the other features and options that this tractor has to offer makes it the number one selling tractor.

Thank you for taking your time to do the product walk around on this tractor. I'd like you to visit or call us at 1-800-222-3373.

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