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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering from our website
Q: How do I place an order from your website?
Q: When can I place my order?
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
Q: Is my credit card information protected?
Ordering process
Q: What options do I have for placing an order?
Q: I have never ordered from you before. How do I start?
Q: How do I search for parts to add to my cart?
Q: What happens when I have all in need in my shopping cart?
Q: When will my order ship?
Q: What if the parts I ordered are not in stock?
Q: Will I receive a tracking number?
Q: My tracking number is invalid?
Return policy (Instructions)
Q: Do you have a return policy?
Q: What do I need to do to return parts for credit?
Q: Are electrical parts returnable?
Q: Can I return an operators, parts or service manual that I ordered?
Q: What if I have a dispute with an order I received?
Q: Should I refuse a shipment as a way to return my order?
Privacy Policy
Q: How do you handle users private information?
Q: How is my credit card information handled?
Q: How do you use browser cookies?
Terms of Service
Q: What licenses are attached to your content?
Q: How is sales tax collected?
Q: Terms and Conditions of a sale?
Q: Part Availability and Pricing Changes?
International orders
Q: Do you ship parts orders internationally?
Q: Why can’t you ship Kubota parts internationally?
Q: What freight carriers to you use to ship internationally?
Q: How long will my order take to ship internationally?
Q: Why am I being asked to pay with a wire transfer rather than a credit card?
Shipping options & charges
Q: How do you ship packages?
Q: Can I bill shipping costs to my UPS or FedEx account number?
Q: How are your freight costs determined?
Q: I need my package urgently. Can I request expedited freight service.
Q: Why is the cost of shipping so high for a small part?
Q: My web order did not show a freight cost.
Q: I received a freight cost on my web order, and now received an email or phone call indicating my freight costs are higher. Why?
Q: I am an international customer, and I received an additional freight charge when my package was delivered.
Q: My shipping costs seems unreasonable.
Q: I am tax exempt, but your website is charging me sales tax.
Q: Can you ship batteries?
Credit Card Pre-Authorizations
Q: What is a Pre-Authorization?
Q : What amount is Pre-Authorized
Q: When is a credit card Pre-Authorized
Q: Why is a Pre-Authorization Necessary?
Q: When is the Pre-authorization released?
Q: Can the Pre-Authorization be removed sooner?
Q: When did Messicks begin this practice?
Q: Where else may I see this?
Package insurance
Q: Is my package insured? If so, what is the cost?
Q: What about insurance for international shipments? Website Usage
Q: How do I make the parts diagram larger?
Q: How do I advance through the part diagrams?
Q: How do I print the diagrams?
Q: I see that part I need #3, but underneath that part I see #3.1. What does the .1 mean?
Q: I see part #.A below the part I am interested in. Its much cheaper. What is that?
Q: Who do I contact with website problems?
Q: My dealership would like a website like yours. What company did it?
Back orders
Q: I received a message that a part is on back order. Now what happens?
Q: May I cancel a back ordered part?
Q: How long do back orders take to fill?
List of manufacturers supported
Q: How many different manufacturers do you support?
Q: What is the Leaf-Loader?
About Messick's
Q: What toll free phone numbers should I use to contact Messick’s?
Q: What is your web address?
Q: Do you have any way to contact the company by email?
Q: How long has Messick’s been in business?
Q: Why should I do business with Messick’s?
Q: How many locations does Messick’s provide service from?
Q: Where are those locations?
Q: Do you have a catalog?
General Equipment Information
Q: How do you determine Left Hand or Right Hand?
Q: What does BSN mean?
Q: What does ASN mean?
Q: If I have a technical question, is someone available to answer my question?
Q: will my parts be OEM or aftermarket parts?
Q: Do you sell used parts?
Q: Do you sell tires?
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