Farm drone data processing

The number of companies offering drone image processing software continues to grow at a rapid pace. Messick's has experimented with several of them with varying results. 

Microsoft ICE (Image Composite Editor)
This is a free tool offered by Microsoft that merges multiple images into one composite. It was never made for drone imagry, but will work with high quality pictures with sufficient overlap.

Event38 DDMS (Drone Data Managment System)
As a retailer of Event38's products, we're partial to their offerings. The DDMS is currently in a FREE open beta stage. Its not without its bugs, but the quality of the resulting files is very good and its very easy software to use. 

Pix 4D
Perhaps the most profesional product on the market, Pix4D is able to create virtually any kind of image from drone data including 3D and georeferenced images. The software is not inexpensive, however light verisons, demo's, and online offerings continue to be offered. 

Agisoft PhotoScan 
Agisoft was one of the first software packages used by the drone industry, much like Pix4D its a very profesional product but at a more affordable price point (Available from Messick's for $3500). Both Pix4D and PhotoScan have a learning curve, but are capable of creating the best possible images.