Messick's RTK Network

     Messick's is building out a network of RTK base stations. If you fall outside the map shown below, email As we see geographic pockets of demand for our RTK service we will add further towers. As a rule of thumb, sub inch accuracy should be expected within a 12 mile radius of an RTK base station, as range increases accuracy will decrease. Useful range ends near 30 miles with approximatly 3" accuracy. RTK locks have been reported at distances as much as 45 miles with WAAS like performance. Even at these long baselines and lower accuracy, you can still expect year-to-year repeatabilty which WAAS and other services can not deliver.

      Most competing RTK systems would require an additional modem in the cab tractor. The most popular being the Trimble DCM300, Intuitcom, or Raven Slingshot. These offer convientant set it and forget it configeration and come with more powerful cell antennas capturing signal in area's where a phone may not have strong service. While Messick's sells and supports such configerations, we're most excited by our custom NTRIP app available for Android cell phones. Our NTRIP app can transport the RTK correction to your cab and push it to the monitor using a bluetooth serial port adapter. Using your own smart phone can save $1500 in up front hardware costs and $20\mo or more for an additional data plan for the tractor. Combing this with the lowest annual plan cost in the industry and you'll quickly see that Messick's has driven the on going costs of RTK corrections to a new low. 
    We broadcast both Trimble CMR+ and the industry standard RTCMv3 Protocol. These two correction formats provide compatibiltiy to a vast majorty of precision farming equipment from Trimble, Outback, Raven, TopCon, Ag Leader, and others. 

Messick's price for our RTK correction service is $495\Year.
(Half the price of competing CORS networks)


Price is per concurrent connection. New accounts require a $500 setup and connection fee, including reprogramming of existing DCM300 or other modems. Monitors may require unlocks to RTK level service at an additional cost.  

If you see further application for RTK in you operation, contact a Messick's precision farming specialist.