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Kubota L60 Limited Edition

The L60 Limited Edition Series offers an unbeatable combination of affordability, quality, and comfort. Whether you opt for the deluxe Grand L factory-installed cab or the roomy open operator station, you're getting the complete package. Experience top-tier performance with Kubota's industry-leading HST Plus Transmission and a host of other exceptional features found in the L60LE Series. It's no surprise that Kubota ranks as the #1 tractor brand for durability and owner satisfaction in the United States.*
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Series Models



Series Models




The L60LE Series, recognized as the #1 rated tractor brand for durability and owner satisfaction in the U.S., is a superior blend of affordability, quality, and comfort. Allow us to introduce you to the L60LE Series and discover what makes it stand out.


Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, Kubota offers a range of options within the L60LE Series lineup. With available ROPS and cab configurations, and horsepower options ranging from 37.0 to 42.0 gross horsepower, you can select from four affordable models tailored to your specific applications and implement requirements.


The L60LE Series is engineered for strength and durability:

Kubota Diesel Engine: Kubota holds the distinction of being the world's #1 manufacturer of non-automotive, multi-cylinder diesel engines under 100 HP.

Common Rail System (CRS): Enjoy substantial fuel savings, reduced engine noise and vibration, and improved emissions, all while maintaining high power and torque.

Smooth, Quiet Operation: Kubota Diesel Engines are meticulously designed to minimize noise and vibration, ensuring operator comfort.

Heavy-Duty Chassis: The L60LE Series features robust components, including a heavy-duty front axle, cast steel transmission and rear end, and steel hood and fenders, ensuring longevity.


Kubota's transmissions, built in-house, are specifically engineered to optimize speed and torque for your needs. The electronic HST Plus Transmission offers features that help even novice operators perform like professionals, turning challenging tasks into effortless ones. Key features include:

Auto Throttle Advance: Automatically adjusts engine RPMs based on transmission speed changes for seamless operation.

Hydrostatic Dual Speed (HDS): Offers Hi-Low ranges in addition to the 3-Range HST, allowing for precise speed control.

Auto HDS: Automatically adapts HDS to the tractor's workload.

Adjustable Sensitivity: Customize the treadle pedal response for speed adjustments.

Stall Guard: Prevents stalling, particularly useful for inexperienced users.

Smooth, Quiet Operation: Kubota's HST Plus transmission minimizes noise and vibration for enhanced operator comfort.


The L60LE Series prioritizes operator comfort with deluxe features:

Cab & ROPS Versions: Choose between the cost-effective ROPS or the climate-controlled cab for optimal comfort.

Factory-Installed Cab Models: Work comfortably in a climate-controlled environment, with wide doors for easy entry and exit, improved noise insulation, ergonomic controls, IntelliPanel display, cup holder, deluxe suspension seat, ample storage, and spacious legroom.

Spacious Operator’s Station: Easy on/off access with generous legroom.

Deluxe Suspension Seat with Armrest: Enhances operator comfort.

Optional Air Ride Suspension Seat: Absorbs shocks for added comfort.

Tilt Steering Wheel: Customize the steering wheel position.

Rubber Floor Mat: Reduces noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable ride and reduced fatigue.

Modern Dash Panel (ROPS Models): Displays information clearly.

IntelliPanel Display (Cab Models): Keeps you informed.

Easy-to-Use Controls: Simple and intuitive, even for beginners.

Kubota Treadle Pedal Design: Effortlessly adjust speed and direction.

Hydraulic Live-Independent PTO: No clutching or stopping needed.

Ready for a Long Day: Standard cup holder, tool box, and ample fuel tank capacity.


The L60LE Series is equipped with a heavy-duty 3-Point Hitch, capable of handling tough applications with reliable pulling performance. Notable features include:

Position Control: Smooth, precise 3-point hitch adjustment.

Live Independent Electric-Hydraulic Rear PTO: Conveniently located PTO switch.

Telescoping Lower Links: Easily attach implements by adjusting link length.

Telescoping Stabilizers (Cab Models): Faster and simpler attachment and adjustment.

Land Pride Quick Hitch: Streamlines rear implement changes, saving time and effort.


Designed to complement the L60LE Series, LA555 and LA805 front loaders deliver precise operation and enhanced productivity. Key features include:

Kubota-Built LA555 Front Loader: Max lift capacity of 1,190 pounds at the pin, max lift height of 96.4 inches at the pin (for L3560LE).

Kubota-Built LA805 Front Loader: Max lift capacity of 1,715 pounds at the pin, max lift height of 104.7 inches at the pin (for all L60LE models).

Standard 2-Lever Quick Coupler: Easy removal and attachment of loader attachments, no tools needed.

Optional 3rd Function Valve: Enables hydraulic-powered attachments like grapples.

Easy-to-Remove: Tool-free loader removal and reinstallation.

Maximum Visibility: Curved boom design for optimal visibility.

Ease of Use: Plenty of lift capacity, simultaneous lift and curl functions, and a standard 2-lever quick coupler make tasks quick and simple.


Performance-matched backhoes by Kubota are designed to align with the tractor's performance. Perfect for digging tasks, they offer:

Ease of Use: Adequate dig depth, smooth hydraulics, and a spacious operator platform make BH77 and BH92 backhoes easy to use and enjoyable to work with.

Standard Cushioning Valve: Prevents impact shock when the dipper reaches the cylinder stroke's end.

Optional Mechanical or Hydraulic Thumb: Enhances versatility, available in economical mechanical or efficient hydraulic versions (Hydraulic thumb available only on BH92).

Easy Removal: BH77 and BH92 backhoes can be easily removed without the need for tools.

Experience the L60LE Series and elevate your tractor experience with unbeatable affordability, quality, and comfort.




Kubota's Value Leader?
L3560 Limited Edition Cab Tractor


Kubota's Value Leader?
L3560 Limited Edition Cab Tractor
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