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SCL Series

The SCL1000 is a compact powerhouse, combining impressive performance with a range of features. It comes equipped with a generous 9.8-inch track as a standard feature on the 36-inch machine. Powered by a robust 24.8 horsepower turbocharged Kubota diesel engine, this machine excels at tackling demanding tasks and various materials. Engineered with precision, it features cushioned loader boom cylinders and an adaptable platform suspension system, prioritizing operator comfort to enhance overall productivity.
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Series Models


24.8 HP - 3 Cylinder Turbo Diesel, 1,428.5 lbs. Load Cap (50% Tip), 3,035 lb. Op. Weight, 84.7" Lift Height at Pin
Item In-Stock Item is In-Stock!

Series Models


24.8 HP - 3 Cylinder Turbo Diesel, 1,428.5 lbs. Load Cap (50% Tip), 3,035 lb. Op. Weight, 84.7" Lift Height at Pin
Item In-Stock Item is In-Stock!

Introducing the Kubota SCL1000 Stand-On Track Loader with Exclusive Features:

24.8 HP Turbocharged Engine:

  • No DPF
  • Excellent high-altitude performance
  • Remarkably quiet operation

Integrated Track Design:

  • Sturdy undercarriage welded to the main frame
  • User-friendly grease track tension design
  • Sealed oil bath rollers

Narrow 36" Overall Width:

  • Standard 9.8" wide track
  • Low ground pressure at just 4.0 psi
  • Exceptional traction force

LCD Color Dash Monitoring System:

  • Keyless start with passcode protection
  • Easy-to-read consolidated machine monitoring
  • Service interval reminders
  • Sunlight-readable display

Power & Performance:

  • 24.8 HP Turbocharged Kubota engine for quiet operation and high-altitude performance with no DPF
  • Directly connected hydraulic pump for reduced maintenance
  • Vertical lift loader arms reach higher and further with a hinge pin height of 84.7" and a 26" reach at a 45° dump angle
  • 1000 lbs. Rated Operating Capacity (ROC) combined with 15 gpm auxiliary hydraulic flow for impressive productivity
  • Low-impact wide track design (4.0 psi) for minimal damage to grass or landscaping
  • Best-in-class travel speed at 4.9 mph

Operator Controls:

  • Patent-pending T-drive handle for intuitive and ergonomic steering
  • Hydraulic pilot-operated loader and drive control valves for precise and responsive control
  • Right-hand joystick for loader arm and bucket movement
  • Easy operation of auxiliary hydraulics without removing your hand from the loader joystick
  • Simple continuous flow control in either direction with the push of a button

Comfort & Convenience:

  • Cushioned loader boom cylinders and adjustable platform suspension for enhanced operator comfort and maximum productivity
  • 4.3" Color LCD monitor
  • Keyless start with passcode protection
  • 12 Volt charging port


  • Internal routing of auxiliary hydraulic lines within the loader arm for optimal protection
  • Standard case drain
  • Pressure release type auxiliary hydraulic couplers
  • Standard attachment hose guide
  • Welded track frame with angled top for debris shedding and dual flange front idler for improved stability and weight distribution


  • Automatic engagement of the parking brake when the operator leaves the platform
  • Front LED work light with a 30-second courtesy timer to stay on after powering off


  • Heavy-duty cast CII coupler and protective cover for bucket cylinder fittings
  • Standard CII coupler
  • Optional welded 2-lever style coupler


  • Easy access to centralized filters and everyday maintenance items
  • Dash indicator light for air filter cleaning alerts
  • Convenient service information accessible at the touch of a button
  • Reduced maintenance time with permanently sealed and lubricated track rollers and a grease-type track tension system.



Loader Operation Tips
SCL Walk-Around


Loader Operation Tips
SCL Walk-Around
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