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Kubota  >   Kubota Fluids  >   77700-06321
<p>Messicks has over 50,000 Kubota parts in our Mount Joy warehouse. Our computerized inventory system enables us to have stock items packaged and at your door in a moments notice, or we can order in specialized items that may be less commonly used. We have taken the time to categorize frequently used parts so you can easily find common maintenance items for your tractor. If you need help finding specific part numbers call us at <b>877-260-3528</b> or email <a href="\"></a>.</p>

#77700-06321 14oz High-Performance Synthetic Extreme Duty Grease


> 100 In Stock

Weight: 0.95 lbs
  • Corrosion protection—impervious to salt water
  • Lasts 3–4 times longer than petroleum based products
  • Will not run or drip and does not evaporate
  • Compatible with most other greases
  • Non-toxic, clean, non-staining
  • Operating temperature range -45°F to +450°F
  • NSF Registered (H-1 Safe for incidental food contact) meets 1998 USDA Guidelines—
    approved for use in a federally inspected beef or poultry processing facility
  • Applications include areas where a synthetic, non-toxic or food grade grease is
    required or desired, food processing equipment, near livestock i.e. gates, hinges, etc.
    and equipment used in lawn care and agriculture applications near
    sensitive vegetation (non-toxic)

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