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6 Tips for Finding the Right Attachment

Finding the right attachment can be overwhelming, especially for new tractor owners. There are a lot of factors to consider and it’s wise to do some research ahead of time even before you walk into a dealership. To help with the process, here are the things you should know before purchasing a new attachment:

1. Know Your Tractor:
Understand the specifications and capabilities of your tractor and check if the attachment is compatible with your tractor’s make and model. Attachments typically come with compatibility guidelines provided by the manufacturer. To help take the guesswork out of the process, the Woods website has a “Match My Tractor” tool for compact tractor owners that can help you select the correct attachment based on your tractor.
2. Determine the Application:
Will this attachment be used in a heavy-duty, commercial application or for managing
a smaller, personal property? How many hours do you expect to run the attachment annually? More hours, more acreage and more rugged applications will need more durable, heavy-duty equipment. In addition, some attachments are engineered to accomplish a single task. Other attachments can handle a variety of applications or offer optional features that allow you to do several tasks in a single pass. Knowing the job to be done, terrain conditions and duration of use will help you get the right equipment for the job.
3. Ease of Connection:
You don’t want to waste time and energy simply trying to connect the attachment. So be sure to ask about how easy the attachment is to connect and disconnect from the tractor. For instance, the Woods Batwing® BW15 rotary cutter features the SmartLift™ System an exclusive feature designed for easy tractor hook-up, and Woods 3-point attachments are quick-hitch ready from the factory.
4. Evaluate Quality and Brand:
Invest in attachments from reputable manufacturers known for quality and durability.  Cut quality is often ranked as an important feature and indicator of overall quality. Look for proven superiority in evenness of cut and material distribution, backed by technology and testing. In terms of durability, low-quality attachments can lead to breakdowns, increased maintenance costs, and take more time to get the results you want. Look for brands with a longstanding reputation of performance that are tested and proven to withstand tough conditions.
5. Ease of Maintenance:
Choose an attachment that’s easy to maintain and has features designed for simple upkeep. Look for models that have lubricated blade pins from the factory and are easy to lubricate in the field.
6. Warranty and Support:
Check the warranty and after-sales support offered by the attachment manufacturer. Some warranties can be complex with a lot of fine print, which may contain exclusions or restrictions. To the contrary, the Woods Cut Above™ Warranty is simple, straightforward and on a single page. Compare manufacturers for the duration of coverage and whether the warranty covers parts, labor and freight.
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