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Big Bales, Less Time: How Oxbo Megers Revolutionize Hay Making

Ever wished for a faster and more efficient way to bring in the hay? Look no further than Oxbo’s innovative merger lineup! Whether you’re a small producer or a large-scale operation, there’s an Oxbo merger perfectly suited to your needs.
Hay in a Day
Imagine cutting, merging, and baling your hay all in a single day. That’s the promise of Oxbo’s mergers, designed to accelerate drying times and reduce dependence on unpredictable weather patterns. By creating wide, fluffy windrows, Oxbo mergers ensure consistent moisture levels throughout your hay, allowing you to bale sooner and with more confidence.
Built for Every Operation
Oxbo offers a variety of mergers to meet the demands of any farm. The 2114 single merger, ideal for smaller producers, boasts a full-width pickup head for faster drying and effortless merging.
For those requiring more capacity, Oxbo’s 2334 and 2340 triple mergers deliver exceptional performance. With pickup widths ranging from 30 to 40 feet, these powerhouses create expansive windrows that feed smoothly into even the largest harvesters.

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