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Did you know this about your string trimmer?

Neil: Neil from Messick’s here with a quick tip for you here in the springtime. I'm learning things every day. I learned something here the other day that I couldn't believe that more people are not aware of. When it comes to your string trimmer and your string line, we all get super frustrated when this line shears off and breaks back here around the head, or as time goes on, it just seems like these things never work as well as they used to. Part of that is because this string actually can dry out and get brittle.
The tip that was given to me here the other day is when it comes to the storage of this string, there's actually some things that you can do to prevent it from getting brittle. I went back into the house here and rooted around a little bit looking for a gallon Ziploc bag. Unfortunately, the one that I found was in the pantry with cookies in it, so we're going to take care of those cookies here real quick. But the tip that I was given was to take a gallon Ziploc bag, drop your little spool of string in it, and fill this bag up with water and actually store your string submerged in water. There's nothing wrong with that. Keeping that water around is going to keep the string from drying out. If your string has already dried out, putting that water in there can rehydrate it again to come and put that moisture back into the string in order to keep it pliable.
Oftentimes when we've had people that are frustrated with this, when this string seems to break too easy, they mediate that by putting on thicker, heavier string. You can wrap your heads with heavier, thicker gauge string. While that is not going to break as easy, it also has the side effect of adding mass to the head. It doesn't spin and rev up quite as fast. Thicker string also will blow more air around and blow the grass out of the way that you're trying to cut.
A simple tip like this, keep it in a plastic bag, fill it up with water, eat the cookies before you do, and hopefully it's going to make your frustrations with your string head a little bit less this season. Shop for a piece of equipment and we can help, if you have any parts or service needs for a machine you've already got, give us a call at Messick’s. We're available at 800-222-3373 or online at


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