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How To Evaluate A Used New Holland Rolabar Hay Rake

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Today, we're going to talk about a used 258 New Holland Hay Rake. and what we look at to determine value on this. The first thing when we walk up to the rake, we grab the bars, we shake them, we turn them. We make sure that bearings aren't out, we make sure the teeth aren't that bent that they rub along the bars. We do that with each every single one of these to make sure that bearings are good in it.

Then, we look at the teeth. We make sure that all the teeth are on the rake or how many teeth are missing on the rake. We come up, we look at the springs for our height adjustment. We make sure our springs are good. We make sure the linkage here isn't all bent up or anything like that so you're able to turn them. What you should be able to do, you should be able to grab this and freely turn these to get the rake to go up and down.

Then, we go in the back of the rake and we grab the drive shaft. We make sure that that doesn't have excessive play in it. We look at the gearbox on the side to make sure that it will engage and disengage. We look at the general overall appearance of the rake just to make sure that it's not all bent up or dinged up. The other thing we look at, we look at the engagement cable making sure that it's there.

Here, this one has been spliced together a couple of times but we want to make sure it's there. We want to make sure that our machine will engage in and out of neutral. In the back of the rake, we're going to look at the drive mechanism. We'll go over here, we want to make sure there isn't too much slop in our driveshaft coming from our gearbox to our wheel. Then, we also look at the drive shaft coming for our two main drive wheels that propel the rake.

We just want to make sure that there's not excessive slop in there. Generally, try to get a hold of the rake and make sure that how much slop is in the wheel hub here which this one has a fair amount. There's things we want to look at and we do that on both wheels. If you have any equipment needs, sales parts, or service please visit us at 800.222.3373 or on the web at

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