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Krone KW552 Walk Around and Review

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Today we're going to look at the four rotor Krone Hay Tedder as well as the six rotor Krone Hay Tedder. We'll go over a few features and benefits of these tedders. We have here the Krone KW552 four rotor tedder. This is a hydraulic fold tedder. You'll notice the first thing, if you compare this to some of the other brands of tedders, they have a nice sturdy, curved tine arm and nice heavy teeth.

This combination is heavier than a lot of the competitors' machines. You'll also notice just for curiosity why some of the teeth are green and some are yellow. In the future if you go to get some replacement teeth from the parts department, some are clockwise, some are counter clockwise, that makes it easier to acquire parts if you ever go back to get some replacement teeth in the future.


You'll also notice these have very heavy flotation tires both on the wings as well as on the ground, makes it good for transportation as well as holding up well in the field and all kinds of conditions. These particular units use an eight finger drive which will hold up a lot longer than your typical universal joint drive. Also, it's good for going over contours, you still have a good solid drive without using a universal joint which will eventually fail.

If you follow around back behind the tedder, you'll notice that there's a lever here in the center, this is a boundary control mechanism. The first round around your field if you're next to a fence row or a row of trees, you can move this lever one side or the other and it will keep from scattering the hay into your fence row. Also. if you have a row of trees that will allow the hay to be moved out from the shades of the trees so that it'll dry a little quicker, that's for your first round, then you can move it back to the center where it is right now. Also, you'll notice that on this particular tedder, this one is a standard draw-bar hitch, they did make this tedder in a three point hitch. Most of the models that we sell are just a standard draw-bar hitch, back up, put the hitch pin in and go.

You have one hydraulic hose, this is a single action hydraulic cylinder. When you first hook up to the machine, you raise the cylinder up just a little bit, from the tractor, you can pull these two ropes that releases the latches from the wings and then you let your hydraulic down and your wings will fold down to the ground.

This will cover a working width of 18 feet, four inches wide. The other features that they offer is a tilt cylinder. So, one this up and down cylinder, there's a tilt feature that you can adjust the knob a little bit, so if you if want to tilt it forward or back or just a little bit. The other fine tuning that you can do on this tedders, is on the bolts that holds the tine arms and the tines to the tine arms. There's three different notch settings. You can adjust that to different settings to make it more or less aggressive for tedding.

Another nice feature on the Krone rakes and tedders, is that they all have a maintenance free gear box. This is factory filled with lubricant. Each one of the rotors has their own gear box, they're maintenance free, there's no oil or fluids to check. They are filled from the factory. You also notice on the wheels, on the ground wheels that rolls the wing, we also have a anti wrap shield, so the hay cannot wrap around the wheels.

Finally on this particular model, the actual transport width going down the highway is nine feet, nine inches. So you're within a legal width transporting down the highway. Right next to it, we also have a six rotor tedder. A lot of same features as the four rotor which you'll notice that you have extra two rotors that fold in, but the transport width is still the same nine foot width going down the highway, but you have the extra hydraulics that pull the tedder wings into the center. That's why we have the extra springs to help to unfold the wings when we get to the field to lay them down. Otherwise, the features are very similar to the four rotor.

If you have other questions about the Krone equipment, please contact any of our five locations in South Central Pennsylvania

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