Today, we're going to discuss about the Kubota L6060 tractor. This tractor is 60 engine horsepower, its a four cylinder turbocharged engine, it has 53 PTO horse power. It comes standard with four wheel drive, as well the hydro-static transmission. You can get this tractor with either an air conditioned heated cab or a fold down rollbar. As far as the tire options go, this tractor has the AR for industrial tires.
You can also get AG tires or turf tires. Most of our customers prefer the industrial tires for good all around usage. It's gentle on the grass, but still gives you some traction for things like snow removal, and dirt work. This tractor comes standard with the three point hitch and 540 rpm PTO. The three point hitch has quick attach links, makes it easy to back up and hook to implements. It also has adjustable stabilizer arms. You'll also notice the two heavy duty lift cylinders.
This gives you plenty of stability and strength to lift up and down on your three point implements. The tractor has a one piece hood which makes it very easy to get to all the internal items such as your filters and your serviceable items. It has a little T handle you pull down, raise up on the hood and hood have a shock absorber which holds it open through a metal hood under the hood.
You can see you can get to your serviceable items very easily your dipstick for the engine oil check, your wheel filter, fuel filters as well as your battery radiator right in the front easy to get to. On this side, you have your air filter, also very easy to get to, your grease points on your four wheel drive or very accessible, very easy to service. On the hood, you have headlights as well as bright work lights on top of the cab. There's two exterior mirrors and the flashers. You have flashers on the front and rear.
As you walk around the side over the diesel fuel were very easy accessible to get to. Next, we'll show the interior of the cab . We're on the inside of the L 60 60 Kubota cab. The cab comes standard with heat and air conditioning, have an option of any kind of radio that you would like, it is pre-wired with the speakers. Some other optional attachments are a rear, windshield washer, and rear windshield wiper.
The tractor has lots of standard features though, the first one you'll notice when you get into the cab is the tilt steering wheel which makes it very easy to get into the cab and very accessible for operator comfort. The tractor is a hydro-static transmission so it has the low, medium, and high range lever. Within each range, there is a low and high lever up here on the dash so you really have like six ranges. You have a hydro-static foot pedal here forward and reverse.
There is an auto throttle advance option which is actually standard on this tractor up on the dash as you're driving you can push this button and what that does is, when its engaged when you push forward on the hydro-static pedal, the engine RPMs will speed up with the hydro-static transmission. Its almost like just driving a car. we step on the pedal, it speeds up, we let off it slows down.
There is a stall guard which is an option this tractor has -- If you're using a loader and you pull into a pile of dirt or stones instead of the engine stalling out, the engine will slow down so it gives you some extra pushing power into a pile of dirt or stones or other materials. This tractor does not currently have a loader on it, but it does have the lever standard from the factory for the joystick for the loader as your standard controls that raises the loader up and down and tilt your bucket side up and down.
It also has a button here which is a throttle button. The purpose of that is, if you're going forward with the tractor loader and you don't want to take your hand off with a loader control and operate the throttle and you can have a preset on your display mode, on your dash. You can preset a speed that you can hit this button and your throttle will speed up to help you to do other functions with the loader.
There are several different display modes that you can change on the monitor on the dash panel which will tell you different like your RPMs, your power take off speeds and so on. This also has a cruise control button up on the dash panel. This cruise control can be set and then can be speed up or slow down as you're operating the tractor everything is at your fingertips on the right hand side.
Besides your loader control, you have your throttle control, the three point hitch lever. This does have a live independent power take off she pushed in yellow knob down and turn it to engage the power take off. if you put any rear hydraulic remotes on the tractor those two levers would be put right here. This does have some exterior light switches as well as the dome light inside the cab, has your cup holder, has a power port for 12 volt charging. That's it.
The Kubota L60 60 can be purchased either with the heated air conditioned cab or you can get it with the fold down roll bar. With all the standard features that come with the Kubota L60 60, this is one of the best value on the market. We hope that you would come visit one of our five locations in Central Pennsylvania or visit us at for all your service needs
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