Kubota M5-111 LP and B2650 (Customer Testimonial)

As you can see we've been Kubota customers for quite a while. Here's our older 3430 we use. For smaller tasks, we have smaller implements to use like this wash rig. We don't need a lot of horsepower, 35 horsepower range. It works great around the farm.

One feature we like about this tractor is its glide shift transmission where we can speed up and slow down by bumping the stick which comes in handy in some applications. For us washing down one of these poultry houses with this wash rig you get into an area that particularly has more dirt on the walls we can slow down and do a better job washing or if it's a place that's a lot cleaner we can speed up save water, save time.

Last year we purchased the M5 from Messick's. The low profile version, the nice thing is we need the low profile, but as you can see we're standing in front of one of our poultry barns here. There's not a lot of headroom. We need the low profile. We need a high horsepower tractor to pull some of the implements that we need through there like a crusting machine wind rowing machine or litter processor or any other work we need to do inside.

The one thing that we really like about this tractor is this high flotation tires which gives us a little more clearance, but a lot more traction in soft conditions which can be inside of a chicken house. Plus the fact it really looks mean. The only thing missing is maybe some flames along the side. But, there's an idea for down the road. Another thing we like is the ease of maintenance. A poultry house is a very dusty environment and you will get dust in your radiator. The screen here blocks gets a lot of it, but it's very easy to get to. Blow it out, close the lid and go back to work.

Now, a year later I'm a repeat customer and added this to our fleet the B2650. It has the quick attach for the bucket which will make life easier around here because we do have skid steers and skid steer implements that are usually in the way somewhere. It'll make it a lot easier to move them out of the way or move something around and easy to take the bucket off if I don't need it on there.

One of the nice things that I found there's an option of a cab on this sized tractor was because I'm getting older and I like creature comforts a little more. The summertime gets really hot and humid plus beat bugs and everything mowing so air conditioning would be nice. Winter time with cold and snow you got heat and you're out of the weather.

The main applications we're going to be using this little tractor around here for us for mowing. I have a finished mower to go on here. We have a tiller and some other small implements. But -- and for doing little jobs around like filling potholes or other little chores around the farm. As you can see we like our orange tractors and the products that Kubota has offered and the quality. Along with that you do need good service and support and we feel that Messick's has given us that throughout the years.