New Holland L218 Skid Steer Walk Around

Today, we're going to look at the New Holland L218 Skid Steer Loader. This machine has many nice features beginning with the design. The New Holland has created with the super boom design gives a vertical lift that when the lift raises up it keeps the boom straight and still tilting back. Also, the newer design machine, the New Holland now has has more visibility. You can see out the side windows much better. You have more visibility at the front. The entrance into the cab is lower so that you can see inside better.

This particular machine has a cabin closure. Has the heat and air conditioning option on it. Other option that you can get with this skid loader include a single or two-speed transmission. With the single and two speed you can get the hand controls for forward and backward motion and with the feet control for the lifting up and tilting of the bucket. Another option is the pilot controls. Pilot controls allow the operator to use a joystick control. The left hand go forward, backward, side to side and the right hand will raise your boom up and down and tilt the bucket forward and backward.

It's also switchable, you can change at between that design as well as what we may call the case controls which both levers will go forward and backward. Then, the left lever can be used to raise the boom up and down and the right lever to tilt the bucket up and down. This particular machine has a hydraulic bucket coupler which is very handy especially with the cabin enclosure. From inside the cab, you can lock and unlock the bucket or other attachments. This is particularly handy when you have several implements that you're taking on and off on the skid loader during the same day.

You can pull into an implement, hook up to it, and right from inside the cab, you can hook and unhook from that without getting out of the cab. With this newer design machine that New Holland came out with a few years ago, the cab will flip forward makes it much easier to work on anything underneath as far as hydraulic lines or other maintenance equipment to get into. All you have to do is take two bolts loose near the back of the cab and the whole cab flips forward. Makes everything very easy to access that way.

Around behind the machine, you'll notice that it's very easy just to lift the lid up then this back door opens up. That way, you can get to everything such as your hydraulic filter, your fuel filter, air filter, radiator, oil dipstick, oil fill. Everything is very accessible from the back of the machine. It also has the oil cooler up in the lid, so it gives you more access to things around the engine. This has a metal rear grate on it to protect from any damage and it does have a place that you can put a lock here if you're out on a job site. You can lock that so no one can get into that area. This particular machine has the heavier duty 12 by 16.5 tires on it. That is an option. 10 by 16 5 is standard.

We typically stock the heavier duty beefy baby tires. They have longer lasting treads than the standard tread is. The auxiliary hydraulics is standard on this machine. It also has a case drain, so if you're using an implement that requires drain back into the oil sump, that is standard equipment on this machine. The cab enclosure, as I mentioned, does have heat and air conditioning as an option. This particular one has the leather seat and also has a drop down bar. The drop-down bar can be used as a safety device. The same as the older case skid loaders have always had, New Holland now has that as an option.

Still has the seat belt and the radio is standard equipment on these machines. The side windows will slide open and close. They have halogen lights on the front and rear, so you have plenty of bright light as well as flashers. This particular one also has the beacon light on top. The variety of buckets other attachments that you can put on the front. This is a light material bucket with a bolt on cutting edge. You can get a variety of low profile buckets, standard material, light material as well as all kinds of other implements, grapples, et cetera.

That's the New Holland L218 Skid Steer Loader.

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