New Holland Workmaster Series Tractor Overview

The Workmaster Series Tractor comes in three models, a 50, a 60 and 70 horsepower tractor. They're available in four-wheel drive, as you can see in this model, and a two-wheel drive model. They're all going to be an open station tractor. This is a great utility tractor. It's also a very economically priced tractor for what you get. You can equip it with a front end loader, like this one with be mounts on, or you can get it without that.

This particular unit is a workmaster 60, being at 60 horsepower. It's equipped with a three-cylinder turbocharged engine, access to the hood. It's a one piece fold up strut hood, easy access to your daily maintenance points. You have an engine oil check right here, and filter to check on a daily maintenance. The battery up front for easy jumping or easy replacement. Here at the back of the tractor is equipped with the deluxe three-point hitch. We have an adjustable link end. We have a pin on stabilizer that can be locked rigid so your implement will not walk back here.

Also, the holes in the ball ends, you have a category one or just turn the ball the other way and you have a category two, very exclusive to New Holland. You have a set of rear hydraulic remotes, right here. You can equip this tractor with an additional set. It comes with one standard, two from the factory. It's equipped with a 540 PTO shaft, and it is a live power take off. You have a tool box back here to put anything in. The tractor has a fold down roll bar that you can fold down to get in, in any tight places. You have turn signals and flasher lights on the back of the tractor for roading. You also have a trailer light plug, if you would such have an implement that would have trailer lights.

This tractor is equipped with a mid-mount valve and joystick that would operate a front end loader. This joystick would move in all four different directions, to give you all functions of your loader. Down here on the right hand side of the tractor, this is where we have our gear shifter. We have our four gears, one, two, three, four. We have our rear remote control. We also have our three-point hitch control.

On the other side, on my left hand side, we have our high and low range of the tractor. We also have our PTO control. It's a mechanically engaged PTO. You can feather it in, so you'll have soft startup of your implements, and it won't jar them. These utility tractors are equipped to do many chores on the farm, anywhere from bush hogging to loading manure, to pulling a manure spreader, like this New Holland 145, which is a 173 bushel spreader that would work well on a workmaster tractor on a small beef cattle type operation.

I'd like to thank you for taking your time to view our walk around of the Workmaster Series Tractor from New Holland. I'd like you to visit Messick' if you have any questions, or 1-800-222-3373.