New Holland WorkMaster Utility Operation / How to Drive a Shuttle Shift Tractor

New Holland WorkMaster Utility - Operation / How to Drive a Shuttle Shift Tractor by Bryan Messick.

We're now going to drive the tractor, we're now going to go over proper starting procedures of the tractor, when sitting on the tractor you want to make sure the shuttle's in neutral, your range lever’s in neutral down here and your gear shift on the side is in neutral, you will depress the clutch, then you will turn the key. Once the tractor's started you can take your foot off the clutch pedal as long as the tractor is in neutral will not go anywhere. Then place the tractor in gear, your range lever on this side over here, forward being low, back being high, we put the tractor in low gear. We come over on this side of the tractor then we put the tractor in the first gear, we reach down here on the side, we turn our parking brake lever off and we step on the parking brake lever, the tractor is now free to move. We take our shuttle lever, we put it in the forward position, and as we let off the clutch the tractor will start to drive.

Okay, with the tractor in gear and in the forward position as we let out the clutch we start to go, we can increase our speed with our hand throttle or our foot throttle and as we go we're going to depress the clutch and shift the second gear, third gear, and then fourth gear. From here we can shuttle to reverse by simply depressing the clutch, pulling the lever back, letting out the clutch and now we go in reverse. To go forward, depress the clutch shuttle forward now we could go forward and you can repeat this back and forth just by depressing the clutch.

When getting ready to exit off the tractor, we want to make sure we put our shutter lever back in neutral, our range lever back in neutral and our gear lever back in neutral. You will then pull up on the park brake, turn and depress the brake pedal, an indicator light on the dash will light up to let you know that the park bake is engaged, you may now take your foot off the clutch pedal, turn the key off and the tractor will disengage.When exciting off the tractor, you want to make sure you exit off backwards, stepping on the step pedal and getting off the tractor. That is the proper safe way to enter and exit a tractor.

An option for these tractors is a front end loader as you can see on this tractor here, with this loader comes this quick attached front couple here, to lock in your implement you just simply push down on the handles like so, would lock in your bucket, your set of forks, pull up on either handle from both handles and that disconnects your bucket. As we start the tractor and make sure everything's in neutral, and we start the tractor. As I move the joystick back, you will see the front end loader raises. As I move the joystick forward, you will see it’ll lower. As I move the joystick towards me, the bucket cylinders contract. As I move it away from me the bucket cylinders extend to dump the load. There is a safety lock out on this loader this little button right here, push that in and you cannot move the joystick of the loader, locks the joystick fast.

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