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NEW Loader Storage Tubes Kubota Tool-N-Go

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Neil: Neil from Messick's here to show you a new accessory for your Kubota Tractor. This is the Tool-N-Go storage system. We're going to show you a little bit about this plastic tube and where it fits on the machine. I don't know about you but the chintzy toolbox that I got out of my tractor has never cut it. I keep more pins and lynch pins and stuff in my cupholders than I ever have drinks and I think this probably has a good home on a lot of our tractors. Walk around here with me a little bit today, and I'll show you all about it.
The idea of a storage tube isn't exactly a new one, I've seen people online coming up with their own solutions to be able to store things in this tube stock on their tractors for a while now. If you look around on your tractor, you're going to notice the same 4-inch tube stock used on a lot of the loader sockets, the mounting points for the loader ties back into your tractor, and also on the cross member that goes across the front of your loader, giving it that front rigidity that torsion in the front.
These tubes are open on the end and so somebody over the years has looked at this as a place to store things and various solutions have been come up with using say PVC pipe and some plumbing fittings and that kind of stuff but the fine folks at Kits, a little family of guys who are engineers sat down and looked at this and thought that a retail product could be made out of this. They came up with that product, refined it over and over again, we were lucky enough to see a lot of those prototypes that ended in this finished product that they took through over to Kubota, who was willing to certify it for use on their tractors.
Family developed product here that's lucky enough to have some Kubota branding on it. The first iterations of these tubes that I saw were always 3D-printed assemblies. You can look at it and see the little layer lines in there as they were being constructed. A 3D-printed part is really probably going to hold up real well to the wear and tear of tractor life, right? These guys went out and actually got injection molds made in order to get this thing made and about proper injection molding process. I'll tell you, it's rigid, it feels good. It's heavier than the most of the toolboxes that you're going to find on your tractors.
It's made up of three different pieces, there's a front and a rear cap, and then a bottom tray in here that's offered in different lengths to accommodate the different areas on your tractor where this is going to fit. In the back of the front cap here, there's some small neodymium magnets around here, they are both glued and screwed down to the inside of that cap so that they don't come out. The end result here is that you can drop your wrenches, your tools, your pins, whatever you got into the bottom of this tray, slide it right back into your loader and it's going to lock in place.
A couple of things to note here on this magnet attach, as I pull this out, I don't know how many pounds of force that takes but if you notice there, I do have to pull. There's no way this is going to slide out on its own as you're driving around. The other thing is that magnets do too, you'll notice that this is only half a tray. In theory, if this thing flips upside down, you're going to dump the contents out.
As that's attached here, even to be able to turn it, there is significant resistance to being able to do that. Can't promise as a wrench is bouncing up and down on top of the tray that it might not start to rotate a little bit but there's significant resistance there to that happening. If that does happen and that whole thing happens to go upside down, as you pull this out, again, the back part of the cap here is going to pull out the contents of what might be in there and dump it on the ground but at the very least, you're not going to be fishing back inside of here in order to pull things out again. Stuff should stay contained inside of these trays quite well.
What kinds of things would you put in these storage tubes? Well, this small one here, this 12-inch, obviously small things. You can fit in your linchpins your spacers and stuff your bushings for your three-point hitch and any number of hand tools but that's not the only options. If we pull out the 13 right here, that extra inch was put in there specifically so something as large as a 12-inch adjustable wrench can drop down into that tray, even a long set of channel locks or something they all fit right in here.
Me personally, would have probably eliminated the 13 just to have less skews but that extra inch does make a difference in being able to take these large hand tools so I guess there's value in that. If you go up here to the loader tube, this I think is cool. Into that 20-inch loader tube just one of them, I can fit 25 feet of 3-inch chains. If you got logging chains and that kind of stuff, man is this better than letting them kick around around your feet or hang off the back of your tractor. That's pretty slick and it was really easy to load.
You could put one of those in from each side and carry two of them up here in your loader if you wanted to. The only thing that I found here that didn't fit real well were hitch pins with this big T handle here at the top. This is a little bit large to fit into that four-inch hole so there's some limitations but I think you can be pretty surprised. You can fit a lot more in there than what you might guess.
If I have one frustration with these, the fitment, and ordering that they're using here for these is not the strategy that I would have taken. You're going to notice that these are offered in a one, two or three-piece kit, and those kits are assigned a specific loader model numbers. Within those kits, there's actually three different part numbers here. There's a 12-inch, 13-inch tube, or 20-inch tube. Two of these fit in your load or from the ends. When you choose, say, the one-piece kit, you're going to get a I believe it's a 12-inch tube.
You get a two-piece kit, you're going to get a 12 and a 13. You get a 3-piece kit, you're going to get two 20's, and a 13. Now, there is no way to mix and match these, unfortunately. Tractors like this MX right here actually can accommodate four of these tubes but there's no way for you to go through and slice and dice these different kits to be able to take all four tubes if you wanted to.
We're going to go through and do an updated fitment chart on and try to show the available tubes of the double occasions on your tracker for these tubes, and the different kits and the combinations of them that you can order to try to fill that need. Even when you look at the fitment chart on the sticker in the box itself, there are models out here that I can show you right now that these tubes fit on that are not listed on the fit charts.
I would say a much better job could have been done in the retail packaging of these to make this easy for you to be able to order because to me it's a bit of a challenge. I believe what they were going for is that you know the more of these things you order the cheaper that they're going to get. Unfortunately, I believe in some ways your options and fitness had been a little bit limit limited in the direction that they've taken with this.
There's going to be a link in the video description. We're going to have these up on and we're going to try to augment this information a little bit more in order to make this ordering and buying process a little bit easier. That's a little bit on the Tool-N-Go storage tubes. I think this is actually a pretty cool solution to a very common problem. I don't know about you but the storage for small items and stuff on my tractor is never been adequate, never been happy with it and I think this is actually a great solution to this.
Almost think this should almost be included on every tractor. It will make a lot of sense if these came from the factory with these already in the side because I think they add that much utility to your machine. If you'd like to add these on to your tractor, check it out on our website, the links there. Happy to help with any parts sales or service needs that you've got for your equipment. Give us a call. We're available at 800-222-3373 or online at Loader attachment points.

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