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Roll-Belt vs Pro-Belt; Which is right for you?

In the competitive landscape of agricultural machinery, New Holland’s Roll-BeltTM and Pro-BeltTM stand out as formidable contenders. Though similarly named, the Roll-BeltTM and Pro-BeltTM are two distinct baler lines by New Holland designed for different agricultural needs. 

Roll-BeltTM: Versatile Innovation

The Roll-Belt series is known for its innovative design, incorporating advanced technologies for efficient baling. It offers features like the CropCutter ® system, which enhances cutting and crop feeding capabilities, resulting in uniform bales. This series is known for its versatility, providing farmers with adjustable bale size and density settings to suit different forage types and storage requirements. When equipped with IntellibaleTM automation, the Roll-BeltTM streamlines the baling process ensuring reliable performance. 

Pro-BeltTM: Durability and Performance

The Pro-Belt prioritizes durability and performance. Engineered to withstand demanding work environments, this line is resilient against larger volumes of hay or straw. With it’s robust construction and enhanced components, the Pro-Belt excels as a heavy duty commercial grade round baler. The Pro-Belt’s reputation for reliability and ability to handle demanding tasks solidifies its position as an optimal choice for farmers looking to manage heavy workloads without sacrificing quality.

While both baler lines represent New Holland’s commitment to quality and efficiency, their defining characteristics cater to distinct needs. The choice ultimately depends on a farmer’s needs, balancing versatility and innovation against durability and heavy-duty performance.

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