Secondary or Safety Air Filters on Kubota Engines. Specific to BX and Standard L-Series

These tractors from the factory will have single stage air filter boxes on them and if you go to parts some other product lines that Kubota has, you can actually add a secondary air cleaner inside of the primary one to help protect your engine.

The reason why you typically would want to do that would be, if you're working in really dusty environments or if you're a guy like myself who says, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," putting this simple little inexpensive air filter inline with your engine helps give it a further protection against the elements.

If you come here with me, we're going to flip the hood open on the tractor. Right here, you can see where our air cleaner is. The air cleaner on this tractor runs in reverse for most machines, the radiator drawls this direction, so all of your clean air is actually drawn off the top up here. We take the cap, we open this up, we take out our air cleaner you'll see. It's a single stage filter made by Donaldson, stamped right there on the end. We have off the shelf here that we found another Kubota part number K7561-82360. We'll link that down here in the bottom of the description of the video.

If we open up this safety filter, this guy will fit right inside the air cleaner box over here. You can take this, the open end of the filter line it up on the inside of the air cleaner and give it a little bit of a press you see it sits right there in the middle and then this filter will go over top of it. Those secondary filters are typically called safety filters. Their purpose is that if you get dirt that passes through one of these and gets on the safety filter-- you know that this is completely short-- the recommendation at that point generally, is that you take both filters at that point and replace them both together.

It also enables you if you're a guy that wants to try to clean these things out -- low pressure air something to blow some of the dirt out of it-- if you're doing those kinds of things really, really smart to have a safety filter in place so that you don't put a small tear in here and create a place for dirt to get sucked down into your engine. So gives you an extra added element of safety just by having that there. Once you push that guy in, you can take the cap here, line the clips up, snap it over top, you can see that guy snaps right back in place just like it's supposed to, so absolute perfect fit.

Another series with the same practice is the standard Ls, the L2501, 3301, 3901 and the standard Ls before it, 3400 and 3800, 3200 those are all in there. All those tractors have single stage air cleaners as well so when we flip the hood up down here, these are easy to get to because they're right in the front. See, there's a large air filter canister here in the front. When we pop that canister open, we have a large, single air filter. Nothing there on the inside.

We can do exactly the same thing here with this tractor that we can do on the BX, in this case, we're pulling Kubota part number TA040-93220. We'll link that in the description. When you pop this guy open here, you can see we've got another safety filter. This guy here can fit back inside the can and inside this. You can see how these nest together right here. Here's our regular filter, this one just slides inside of it and nest together, giving you that added layer of protection for your engine.

Those are safety filters. If you've noticed any other models that have the same scenario with only one filter, do let us know down the comments will do some research for you and find you safety filters that are going to fit that machine. To my knowledge, BX series and standard L are the first to the come to mind and like I said, if you're working in a dusty environment where you're concerned about the long-term health of your engine, adding one of these to the inside of that air cleaner canister just gives you that added layer of protection.

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