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Used Lawn & Landscape

Most dealers are slow to update their online used equipment listings making the data several days or weeks out of date. Here at Messicks we do things differently, our online listings are LIVE. As soon as our salesmen learn about a piece you can to.

We're human. Prices and information reflect the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change.

Used Lawn Implements 7

implements for lawn and graden tractors. Snow blowers, mower decks, baggers and more.

AERA-Vator - UA 40
The UA40 AERA-vator is the most compact AERA-vator in the 3-point class. With tractor horsepower requirements as low 18hp, this is perfect for landscape contractors working in small areas, has aera-vator shaft with solid tines to vibrate and loosen compacted soil. View Details
Ferris - CCWKAV2148
Great running 2012 Ferris Walk Behind mower! Briggs & Stratton gas engine, 48" mower deck, Machine has been garage kept and clean. Regular service at Messicks. READY TO WORK! View Details
Husqvarna - 020490
3100 PSI Pressure washer, 2.8GPM flow, Gasoline Briggs and Stratton 205CC engine, Detergent tank, 4 Different degree spray tips, Brand new pump. View Details
Trac Vac - 662
3 point rigid mounted collection system to mount on a standard category "1" 3-pt. hitch. The Model 662 is supported by the stabilizer arms on the three point to free-lift arms for raising and lowering the mowing deck. The dual 44-gallon containers offer intermediate capacity needs. The 662 comes standard with 8" intake to reduce the chances of clogging. All steel construction on frame provides rugged durability. Dual 44-gallon Rubbermaid containers can be removed easily for quick dumping anywhere: compost heap, pick-up truck, etc. The spring loaded double molded top lifts out of the way easily and has louvered top assemblies to direct air flow away from the operator. The Model 662 has a capacity of 20 cubic feet (16 bushels) to cut back frequency of dumping and down time. It is the perfect combination of speed and efficiency. The Model 662 comes standard with a FX200 Champ engine powering the air turbine for maximum air flow and pickup efficiency of grass clippings, leaves and light litter View Details
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