Kubota BX-series Filter Kit and Service Overview (*NEW* BX 80 series)

Today we're going to go over servicing a BX series tractor. Kubota has gone the extra-mile put all the filters we're going to need inside this box. We're going to un-box this, show you all the filters that it comes with, show you where they go on your BX tractor. All right. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to un-box it. We'll open up the box, take a look and see what's inside. The first thing we're going to pull out, we got two fuel filters.

They are the same part number, one in the front one in the back. With today's new emissions and fuel standards, you will need to replace these often. Refer to your operators manual for the intervals, okay? Now we're going to pull out the oil filter, hydraulic oil filter, and the last thing in here is our air filter. Now we have two BX tractors here an older 70 series. Then the current year model, the 80 series. We're going to go ahead and show you where these filters are on each one of these tractors so that you'll know their location, and what needs to be done in order to replace these filters.

The first thing you're going to want to do to get started, either series a tractor, you're going to want to remove the mower deck. We need to take this mower deck off so we can get to the lower fuel filter the hydraulic filter the drain plugs. You'll be hindered if you leave your deck on. After you have your deck removed, the next thing you're going to want to do is open up your hood, to gain access to your engine compartment. BX 70 series, you release the hood, hood lifts up. Now on the 70 series, you have to remove the lower panel. This is held on by two thumb screws, one on either side, you'll just loosen those up till the panel's loose.

After you've got the thumb screws loosened up, you'll just need to simply pull this out gently, set it off to the side. We've got our hood open on our 70 series. Now we're going to show you how to open up the hood on the new 80 series. They did change the hood design. When we open the hood now the whole thing is going to open. There is no lower panel to take off. It does give us about the same amount of room to work inside, but instead of having to remove those panels they're all part of the hood now. Okay, now that you're ready, got your engine open, mower deck's off.

First thing you're going to want to do is change your fuel filters. The secondary filter located up here next to the engine, it's right here by your injection pump right inside the hood. Easily accessible. You would just want to take that off, put the new filter on. There is in-directions on the filter, on which way fluid flows. The second filter which comes in the kit it's located up underneath the chassis, right inside here. You'd have to lay down underneath look up inside a little tunnel you'll see that filter. Whether it's a 70 series or the newer 80 series, they both take the same filter. Both filters are in the same location. While we're on this side of the tractor, the other key filter you're going to want to check and change would be your air filter.

They have these little thumb actuated Springs, 70 series has two, the 80 series has three. You pop them off, gives you access to your air filter. Pull out your air filter. You can inspect it, change it if you need to. If you ever wanted to blow it out, you always want to put lights compressed air inside and blow out, never blow in. To put it back in, stick it, in push gently. Make sure you orientate your cap, it says top. Orientate that up. Put your spring clamps back on. They'll snap down, you're all done. Moving around to the right side of your machine, this will give you access to your engine oil filter which is located down here on both series tractor. It also gives you access to your engine oil dipstick so that you can check your engine oil level. Again, the engine oil filter comes in the kit. Spin this one off, spin this one on, top off your engine oil. The last filter we have to change out is your hydraulic oil filter or HST filter, as Kubota calls it.

This filter is located up inside the tunnel here on the right hand side. If you remember your fuel filter is located on the left. This filter is on the opposite side of the transmission right underneath here. So while you're changing out your fuel filter take this filter along down with you, you'll be able to spin that off, spin the new one right on. After you've done changed out your hydraulic filter, you'll definitely want to come back here where the dipstick is located and check your hydraulic oil level. Consult your owners manual for what oil and how much.

Just make sure that you've got it within range. You always want to make sure you have enough oil. Last thing you want to do is check your tire pressure. Again, consult your owners manual. Tire pressure is very greatly depending upon the style of tire you have. All those pressures are in the operator's manual. All right. That's going to conclude our BX filter kit un-boxing. I hope you enjoyed the fact that we showed you where all the filters that are in the kit, where they go on your BX tractor.

If you have any other questions about the maintenance intervals, please consult your owners manual. They have a chart in there, tells you what the intervals are, what oils to use. Locations on where everything is. If you still have questions, please give us a call here at Messick's 1-800-222-3373. Visit us on the web www.messicks.com or stop by any one of our five locations