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ZTXS5 54 image
Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet ZTXS5 54

The Cub Cadet ZTXS 54 is a residential zero-turn lawn mower designed for use on hillsides and slopes up to 20°. It incorporates Synchro-Steer technology, providing 4-wheel control for stability during straight-line mowing. Powering the mower is a 25 HP Kohler Confidant ZT740 V-twin OHV engine, known for its high-performance capabilities and quiet operation. Its commercial-grade dual hydrostatic rear-wheel transmissions enable swift and effortless mowing, offering ground speeds of up to 8.5 MPH forward and 3.5 MPH in reverse. The mower's robust frame, constructed with 1.5-inch by 3-inch tubular steel, is fortified with a triple guard corrosion defense system to safeguard against wear and tear.
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Series Models

ZTXS5 54

54" Cut Width, 1"- 4.75" Cut Height, 25 hp Kohler, 5.5 gal Fuel, Forward Speed of 8.5 MPH, 23" x 12"x 12"Turf Tires, 24" High-Back

Series Models

ZTXS5 54

54" Cut Width, 1"- 4.75" Cut Height, 25 hp Kohler, 5.5 gal Fuel, Forward Speed of 8.5 MPH, 23" x 12"x 12"Turf Tires, 24" High-Back

Outstanding Stability on Hills

Utilizing Synchro-Steer technology, it ensures four-wheel control for mowing in straight lines on slopes of up to 20°.

Premium Cutting Performance

The AeroForce Max reinforced fabricated steel cutting decks are engineered to deliver exceptional results, covering a wide area to minimize cutting time.

Robust and Durable Frame

Featuring a continuous 1.5” x 3” tubular steel frame, it boasts a triple guard corrosion defense system, offering protection against wear and tear.

Turf-Friendly Tires

Equipped with Turf Master tires designed to reduce turfing while providing superior traction and stability on hilly terrain.

Enhanced Seating

Enjoy the comfort of an automotive-inspired, fully adjustable premium 24-inch high-back seat with cushioned armrests, ball-bearing seat, and a patented suspension system.

Ride in Comfort

The SoftTouch steering wheel and adjustable steering column, which tilts for easy maneuvering, ensure a comfortable ride even on hills and uneven terrain.

Personalize Your Machine

Unlock the full potential of your Ultima ZTXS with a range of attachments and accessories (available separately) to tailor it to your needs.

Convenient Maintenance

Thanks to its open frame design and hinged/removable floor pan, accessing the deck and engine for maintenance is a breeze.

Solid Warranty Coverage

Benefit from a 4-year/800-hour limited product warranty and a lifetime frame and fabricated deck shell warranty, providing you with ultimate peace of mind.


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Zero Turn Mowers

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