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Quest S-Series image

Quest S-Series

For homeowners seeking an upgrade to Exmark's top-tier residential zero-turn mower, the Quest S-Series delivers outstanding commercial-grade performance without breaking the bank. These S-Series residential zero-turn lawn mowers can cover more than 3 acres of lawn in just one hour, thanks to their impressive forward ground speeds of up to 7 mph. When you factor in Exmark's renowned zero-turn maneuverability, the S-Series becomes an exceptional value proposition, delivering professional-quality mowing results. The S-Series residential lawn mower boasts an expansive 54-inch welded steel mower deck and cutting width, driven by a robust Kohler® or Exmark engine equipped with a heavy-duty hydro gear system. Every Quest comes standard with commercial-grade wheels, ensuring precise cutting and professional-grade traction to complement the powerful 24-horsepower engine.
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Series Models


54" | 1.5"- 4.5" Cut, Kohler Engine, 3 Gal. Fuel Tank, 7 MPH, 20 x 10.0-10 Tires, High-Back Contoured Foam Padded Seat

Series Models


54" | 1.5"- 4.5" Cut, Kohler Engine, 3 Gal. Fuel Tank, 7 MPH, 20 x 10.0-10 Tires, High-Back Contoured Foam Padded Seat

Streamlined, Effortless Adjustments

Experience the convenience of a single-point height adjustment on the Quest, allowing you to effortlessly customize the cutting deck. For our 50- and 54-inch models, we've included a foot lift-assist feature, making lifting and lowering the cutting deck a breeze. (Available as an option for the 42-inch model)

Engine Shielding Your

Quest comes standard with a rear engine guard, offering heightened protection for essential engine components.

Generous Fuel Capacity

Maximize your mowing time and minimize interruptions with the Quest's single 3.0-gallon tank, complete with a single fill location.

Premium Tire Performance

Quest mowers come equipped with commercial-grade front caster tires and rear drive tires, providing enhanced traction for exceptional handling.


Features for Residential Use Exmark's Quest S-Series represents a premium entry-level zero-turn mower, incorporating proven commercial features, including the top-notch tires and fabricated deck, for homeowners' benefit.

Professional Design, Unmatched Comfort

The Quest S-Series mower not only boasts the professional Exmark styling but also offers a premium ergonomic seat system that guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride, even when traversing uneven terrain.


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Zero Turn Mowers

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