FPPF Fuel Treatments: 32oz Meltdown, Part # 00124

FPPF Fuel Treatments: 32oz Meltdown

Part Number 00124
Vendor FPPF Fuel Treatments
Messick's Price $12.12
Stock Quantity 63
Classification Fuel Treatments
Weight 2.00 lbs
Days to Order In stock
Octane Boost No
Sludge Treatment No
Water Displacment Yes
Gas or Diesel Diesel
Lubrication No
Stop Gelling Now!

Break it down
Melt Down is specifically formulated to dissolve gelled fuel back into solution and return the flow in approximately 20 minutes. It will not harm fuel pumps, nozzles, or any pre-combustion components.
Meltdown is an emergency fuel treatment only. For preventative maintenance in applications using diesel fuel use either FPPF Total Power or FPPF Polar Power. For applications involving Home Heating Oil, Heating Oil, or Bunker Fuels use FPPF HOT 4 In 1.