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Forney  >   Forney Gloves  >   F53172

#F53172 Premium Cowhide Leather Fencer Work Gloves (Men's L)


2 In Stock

Weight: 1.40 lbs
  • Tough and durable. This glove features premium grade side-split cowhide leather for durability. It's designed with a Gunn cut pattern and keystone thumb for increased mobility, wear, and comfort. 
  • This glove is stitched with a high performance synthetic thread that has a high resistance to abrasions and cuts. 
  • It also has stitching in strategic high stress areas, a reinforced palm patch for added protection, and a wrap around thumb and knuckle strap for flexible wear. 
  • This is the ideal glove for ranching, fencing, and performing construction tasks.
  • Specifications:
    • SIZE - Men's large (L)
    • COLOR - Brown
    • GLOVE STYLE - Premium cowhide leather work gloves
    • Features and Benefits:
    • RELIABLE PROTECTION - Leather reinforcements for added protection
    • HEAVY-DUTY - Heavyweight split leather offers the greatest abrasion resistance and durability
    • TOUGH - Synthetic fabric is a high performance blend of materials which makes it inherently stronger than cotton thread. Synthetic fabric also provides additional cut, abrasion, high heat, and strength resistance.
    • TRUSTED FIT - Research and development (R&D) driven specifications ensure sizing hits the sweet spot

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