Krone SW710T Twin Rotor Hay

This is a model Krone SW710T is a twin rudder hay rake. A few of the benefits and features of this rake are that you can rake two rows together or you can rake two individual rows. The way this is accomplished is there are a set of hoses on the front of this rake. One set of hoses raises it up and down, the other set will move the rake side-to-side. What that does is if you're raking two rows into one, you take the curtain off of the side over here and that curtain will be added to the back of the rake for storage. The curtain has a lever that can be loosened up, pulled out and stored behind it.

Your first row will be raked into the second rotor and then that hay wall will be raked up against the rear curtain. The rear curtain can be moved in or out hydraulically depending on how large the wind rotors are. If you want to rake two individual rows, say you have some heavier hay, you leave this curtain where it is and that curtain is stationary so you're always doing two individual rows.

Some of the special features of this rake, you'll notice that the tines are very heavy duty as well as the tine arms much heavier than some of the competition. Also, the way this tine arms fit into the center gearbox just have two bolts to hold each tine arm in. If ever in the future you need to replace the bearing, you only need to do is to pull those two bolts out, pull the whole assembly out, replace the bearing and put it right back in again. Those bearings run around the cam track and that's what changes the pitch of your teeth. Picks a hay up, throws up against the curtain.

Each one of these gearboxes and each rotor is maintenance free. They're filled from the factory, there's no need to check or refill any oil or fluids. Also on these rakes, we have a gauge wheel at the front of each one of the rotors. This helps for contours as well as keeping the rotor steady on the ground so it doesn't dig into the ground. These rotors each have 13 tine arms, a total of 26 tine arms. Many of the competition has less than that so this does a much better job of sweeping the ground clean. This particular model is just a standard draw-bar hitch. Some of the larger models actually have a two-point hitch such as the SW810 which has a two-point with a swivel on the back and those rotors fold up vertically in the air.

This particular one transports laterally. One rotor behind the other going on the highway and the transport width at 9' 10". There each one of these rotors has the diameter able to throw the hay up against the curtain at 11' 5" so if you're doing two rows, you get over 20' of working width. If you walk around to the back, you'll notice that Krone has lights as well as slow-moving vehicle signs so you can plug-in the light switch to your tractor for safety going down the road. Has nice heavy duty flotation tires and when you lower your hydraulics down to the height that you want the teeth off the ground, it can be adjusted with this multi-hole adjusting rod right here. That's how you control the height of your teeth off the ground. Also if you want to change the tilt of how far you want it to tilt up or down, each rotor, the front and the rear each has adjustment on the right wheel. That will change your tilt, forward and backward.


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