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Hustler's QuickFlip Mower Deck Technology

With Hustler's QuickFlip™ technology, enjoy effortless cleaning and blade changing, automated deck height adjustment and less required storage space…all at the push of a button.

NEW Hustler Raptor Series Zero Turn Mower

Completely redesigned Hustler Raptor is now beefier, stronger and faster than ever before. One-piece frame, wider operator platform, premium seats, fabricated welded-steel deck - this is a premium residential zero-turn lawn mower.

How much DAMAGE do R4 tires do to a wet lawn?

We're out with a Kubota BX series tractor with a set of R4 tires on it to do a quick demo for you today on the turf damage that is done by an industrial tire. You guys seem to like tire videos. Every one of them that we do seems to solicit a lot of comments and a lot of opinions. We're going to take a little bit more time today and go over the turf damage that happens from an R4


Today, we're out in the parking lot with a Kubota BX series tractor. We're going to go through the steps of taking the mower deck on and off the machine and show you how to install and remove the non-drive over version of the Kubota BX deck. This process is relatively the same on all BX series tractors, whether you're looking at the new 80 series or one of the prior models that have been built over the last 15 years or so.

Comparing Finish Mowers - Midmount VS 3-point

Today, we're out with the Kubota B-series tractor. I wanted to go through and show you some of the differences between using a mid-mount finish mower and a rear 3-point mounted finish mower and show you some of the differences in these mowers between their different construction and different applications for the varying mowing chores that you may have.

Installing a french drain with a Kubota BX23S

Neil from Messsicks here out to do a little bit of backyard work with you today. One of the fun things is when you have a tractor-based YouTube channel is that all the projects that you need to get done at home become videos. If you come along with me here today we're going to do a little bit of work. I've got an area here that someday I'm hoping to have as part of my backyard. 

TerraKing Hopper Style Grass Catcher

We're going to walk around this attachment here to show you some of its features, maybe you're going to find that this is a way that you can really improve your fall leaf collection chores. The TerraKing TKV is actually made locally to us here, right down here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 

Rototillers | Buying tips, maintenance and operation

Neil from Messick's here, out to talk to you today about rototillers and everything you probably ever wanted to know, and then some. We're going to talk through four different things here with you today. We're going to talk through the features of a rototiller if you happen to be shopping for one. The operation of one, if you're actually outputting it into the dirt. The process that you need to go through in order to attach it onto your tractor, and some maintenance tips if you own one today. 

How to Level a Mower Deck

Mower deck that's out of level can cause a whole host of cutting problems and performance issues. Generally, when a mower deck is out of level, you'll generally see that your one side of your cut is just a little bit higher than what the other side would be, leaving that step at the end of your deck. If you go through a couple steps here with me today we can eliminate that problem, make sure your tractors performing as well as possible. 

Kubota GR series tractor walk around and review

Let's take a quick walk around this machine here and we'll show you some of the different features on this four-wheel-drive mowing machine. Well, Kubota has always been known for there compact tractors. They've also always had a line of residential mowing equipment as well.

Kubota Z400 Series Mowers

These are a prosumer-oriented mower positioned between the commercial V700 series and the residential Z400 series. Take a quick walk around here with me, we'll show you some of the new features on these new models.

Kubota ZG227 VS. Kubota ZD1011

 I really like when companies make innovative products, things that are different from what you see everywhere else. Kubota has really done that with these two mowers. 

Kubota ZD1511 Diesel Zero Turn Mower

This is a new model that replaces ZD331. Let's take a quick walk around here I'll show you some of the things that have changed. The ZD1500 incorporates a lot of the features that have changed in the ZD1200 series which we've done a video on earlier that you can see right up here if you'd like to click there to go and view that video. We'll do a couple of things that are actually unique on this model.

Kubota F3990 Front Mower - Walk Around and Review

We're out here today with the Kubota F Series front mower. Take a quick walk around this machine here. We'll show you some of its features and options. There's some really unique applications for front mowers and we sell them into a lot of surprising applications. A lot of time these are going to places that really have a lot of acreage to mow, where guys are going to be sitting on a machine for six, seven and eight hours.

Kubota ZD1211 Walk Around and Review

Kubota has been building this series of diesel zero turns for the better part of probably 15 years. This is the third major iteration of these machines, the third major redesign that has been done.