Kubota: Kubota Mini Lever Action Grease Gun, Part # 77700-03644

Kubota: Kubota Mini Lever Action Grease Gun

Part Number 77700-03644
Vendor Kubota
Messick's Price $19.95
Stock Quantity 5
Classification Kubota Branded Tools
Weight 0.00 lbs
Days to Order In stock
• Aluminum die cast head
• Develops 6,000 PSI—highest in its class
• 2-way loading (3 oz. cartridge or suction)
• Push lock plunger and plastic T-handle locks in place
• Includes 6" steel extension, 4-jaw coupler and. two 3 oz. cartridges
• Two 3 oz. refill cartridges feature multi-purpose polyurea NLGI #2 grease, ideal for extreme pressures and high temperatures

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