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New Holland  >   Hay Baler Bale Skiis  >   73340994
<p><b>Messicks stocks nearly 70,000 different New Holland, Ford, and Case Parts for the full line of equipment that they offer.</b> In fact we stock more parts for New Holland harvesters and hay equipment than any other dealer on the East Coast. We supplement our own large inventory by making daily pickups from New Holland&#39;s Mountville, Pennsylvania parts depot. From fuel filters to plow shares, the odds are that Messick&#39;s has the parts you need. We&#39;re available at <b>877-260-3528</b> or email <a href="\"></a>.</p>

#73340994 Baleski - NH BB960


Usually ships in 3-7 business days

Weight: 84.99 lbs
BaleSkiis® Baler Liner #73340994 makes uniform bales in weight, length and density, so you can:
• Pick, transport and stack equipment faster and more efficiently
• Reduce trucking and handling costs
• Run the baler with less experienced helpThe BaleSkiis® Baler Liner covers the bale-forming chamber with a specially-designed, self-adjusting material. An anti-springback pattern machined into the product uniformly compresses the hay and keeps it compressed when the baler plunger retracts. This ensures constant, uniform movement and compression of hay through the bale chamber. Because hay is not moving back and forth in the chamber, where leaves can break off from the stems, the BaleSkiis® Baler Liner:
• Puts more high-protein leaves in the bale
• Puts more pounds per acre in the baleThe kit comes complete with fasteners and installation instructions. You don't need to remove any of the baler's original parts.
• Get good smooth, solid, uniform bales
• Increase relative feed value and forage quality
• Reduce breakdowns and down time
• Put more profit in your haying operation
• Reduce leaf loss by 30%
• Use less fuel
• Increase protein*Additional shipping charges may apply to this item due to size, weight or special handling. The dealer will contact you if an additional surcharge is required.

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