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Kubota DMC8500 Series

Pioneering Solutions - Our commitment to pioneering top-notch, innovative products is deeply ingrained in our research and understanding of customer expectations. This approach enables us to provide machinery that is well-suited for a wide range of mowing operations.
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Series Models


11' 9" Cut Width, Rubber Roll Conditioning, Drawbar Swivel, 380/55-17 Tires, 11' 2" Transport, 5348 lbs., 90 PTO HP

Series Models


11' 9" Cut Width, Rubber Roll Conditioning, Drawbar Swivel, 380/55-17 Tires, 11' 2" Transport, 5348 lbs., 90 PTO HP

Gentle Roller Conditioning (R Models):

Roller conditioning stands out for its gentle yet effective handling of delicate crops like alfalfa or clover. The wide 8.8" diameter rubber rollers are constructed from highly durable polyurethane with a steel core. This design ensures that the rollers remain straight and won't flex, even under significant force. The spring-controlled pressure applied between the two rollers guarantees consistent conditioning intensity, regardless of the volume of crop passing through. Moreover, in the event of encountering an obstacle, the spring tensioning system will separate the rollers, creating an opening of up to 2.4" to allow objects to pass through without causing damage to the rollers.

Efficient Transport with Integrated Lighting Kit:

The DMC8500 series offers a secure and convenient transport solution, complete with an integrated lighting kit that enhances road visibility. Transport widths vary: DMC8536T and DMC8536R - 11'2", DMC8540T and DMC8540R - 12'6", and DMC8547T and DMC8547R - 14'9".

Excellent Ground Clearance:

DMC8500 series models boast a lifting height of 1'6" to ensure outstanding ground clearance during transport and headland turning.

Wide Spreading Kit for Enhanced Efficiency:

All models can be equipped with an optional wide spreading kit, simplifying the process of cutting and spreading in one operation. This not only saves time but also conserves resources. Switching from swathing to wide spreading is a one-person task.

Express Quick Knife Change System:

Mowers can be fitted with the 'Express' system, facilitating swift and straightforward knife replacement. With this system, simply position the lever around the bolt, release the spring by turning the lever, and you're ready to replace the knife with a new one.

Robust Welded Cutterbar:

Kubota's fully welded cutterbar, constructed with overlapping C-channels, boasts a robust and durable design that ensures longevity. The cutterbar's precision-engineered gears and substantial bearings, coupled with low oil requirements, maintain a low working temperature for efficient oil cooling and lubrication throughout the entire cutterbar.

Counter-Rotating Three-Bladed Discs:

Kubota mowers are equipped with three blades per disc, ensuring a continuous cutting process. This results in a one-third reduction in load per blade, even load distribution on the drive, and smoother power utilization. Each steel blade is meticulously angled to promptly discharge the cut crop upwards through both airflow and mechanical action.

Easy Height Adjustment:

A simple crank enables the entire cutterbar assembly to be adjusted up or down to achieve the desired stubble height. Additional skids are available to raise the cutting height as needed.

Benefits of Kubota Suspension Springs Design:

The long spring design allows for excellent ground-following ability. In uneven fields, the mower can adapt with a range of +19.7"/-5.9". The suspension springs are optimally positioned on the widest section of the mowing unit to ensure even ground pressure. Weight distribution on the ground remains stable, with only approximately 88 - 110 pounds on each side. Suspension arms are strategically located between the mowing section and the mainframe. When an obstacle is encountered, the mowing section moves backward and upward to allow the object to pass. The mower automatically returns to its operational position once the obstacle is cleared.

Kubota Suspension for Precision Cutting:

The complete mowing section, including the conditioner, is independently suspended from the main chassis by either two or four long adjustable suspension springs, closely following field tracks and contours. When an obstacle is encountered in the field, the mowing section elevates and moves backward, safeguarding the cutterbar from damage. Upon clearing the obstacle, the mowing section seamlessly returns to the working position.

Center Pivot Drawbar:

The DMC8500 models feature a center pivot drawbar for mowing on both the right and left sides of the tractor. This advantageous mower design allows operators to mow continuously without constantly opening up new headlands, eliminating time-consuming short runs and increasing mowing capacity.


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