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SP 200 Series  image
New Holland

New Holland SP 200 Series

In every field, our commitment is to provide you with more. The latest evolution of Speedrowers is the outcome of extensive discussions with haymakers such as yourself, aimed at developing a windrower that allows you to harvest a greater quantity of hay each day. The outcome is the Speedrower PLUS, a self-propelled windrower that excels in drivability thanks to advanced SensiDrive™ drive-by-wire controls, delivers heightened productivity with industry-leading speeds, offers user-friendly Precision Land Management (PLM™) solutions, and ensures the most comfortable ride you've ever experienced.
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Series Models


Redesigned | 220Hp | 22 MPH | Deluxe Cab - Suspension | Cold Start Option | IntelliView IV 10” Display

Series Models


Redesigned | 220Hp | 22 MPH | Deluxe Cab - Suspension | Cold Start Option | IntelliView IV 10” Display


Effortless Productivity with the New SensiDrive™ Ground Drive System:

To maximize your daily acreage output, Speedrower PLUS windrowers offer improved drivability and the ability to operate at higher speeds. The innovative SensiDrive ground drive system utilizes drive-by-wire technology to manage ground drive pumps and wheel motors, resulting in enhanced power in challenging conditions and straighter mowing with reduced steering fatigue. This improved drivability allows for in-field speeds of up to 20 mph (32 kph) and on-road speeds of 30 mph (48 kph), making it the fastest in the industry and 30% faster than previous Speedrower models.

Proven Engine Emission Solutions:

All three models are powered by ECOBlue™ Hi-eSCR (High-Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) engines developed by Fiat Powertrain (FPT) Industrial. These engines provide clean, dependable power and performance, along with remarkable fuel efficiency and torque.

Enhanced Comfort for Extended Operation:

The Speedrower PLUS Series prioritizes your comfort to enable longer hours of operation. Redesigned steps and entry platforms make getting into the cab easier. The standard and deluxe cab packages feature cloth-covered, air-ride suspension seats, while the premium cab package includes luxurious leather-covered, high-back seats with heat and cooling ventilation. The customization options continue with a three-way adjustable, telescopic steering wheel that tilts at both floor and knee level, and a right-hand seat-mounted console that moves in tandem with the seat. The cab surrounds you with 73 square feet of curved, tinted glass for optimal visibility, reduced noise levels, and a high-capacity air conditioning and heating system that maintains your desired temperature.

The Latest in Precision Land Management (PLM™):

Speedrower® PLUS windrowers can seamlessly integrate the latest Precision Land Management (PLM™) technology, ensuring you stay on course to boost productivity. At the push of a button, you can enhance efficiency and comfort while lowering operational costs and improving your bottom line.

Boosting Productivity through Merging:

Elevate your harvesting efficiency and productivity by simultaneously cutting and merging with the DuraMerger(TM) 419 PLUS merger attachment. This attachment saves time and significantly reduces fuel consumption, ultimately lowering your overall harvesting expenses. Its long deck design enables the merging of two or three windrows, enhancing forage harvesting efficiency for maximum return on investment.

DuraBine 416 PLUS (MY2022 Redesign):

The redesigned Durabine Plus Head equipped with rubber rolls and Plus Series Disc Heads delivers commercial-level performance with increased drive power, cleaner cutting, faster crop drying, and reduced buildup. With a cutting width of 16 ft. 3 in. (5.0m), QuickMax Knives, ShockPRO# Hub Protection, up to 63% more knife overlap, up to 8% faster knife tip speed, nearly 1/4" thinner profile compared to the previous model, up to 38% closer cutting, and a more powerful header drive with 60% fewer parts, it sets a new standard for efficiency and performance.



Quick Change Knives


Quick Change Knives
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