Messick's offers a full line of implements so your machine can perform the widest array of chores.

Kubota LA340/LA344 Swift-Tach loader for BX-80 series tractors

This is a new loader here that's on the new model BX23s that has a really cool system for removing it where you can actually stay on the seat of the tractor the entire time. This is the first tractor that I've ever seen that has the ability to do this. They're really unique and very slick feature. As we step through this, I should tell you, this is the second time that I have done this myself.

Land Pride Snow Push boxes for BX, B L Series Compact Tractors

Every once in a while around here we see a new attachment or implement come through, and think to ourselves,"Why didn't I think of that?" This is definitely one those things for me, we've had push boxes come through here for years for larger equipment, but if you go through and look at what's used to clear the parking lots of malls and big commercial properties, airports they don't use plows, they typically use push boxes. The way a push box works is it's going to collect the material, and the snow inside the box area allowing you to sweep it off to the side, and get it out of the way.

Limited Supply of high-end Woods HLS27 Speeco 22 Ton Log Splitters

We had a unique situation here come up with one of our vendors. Blount International, who's the parent company of both Woods and SpeeCo has run into a situation where they have a bit of an overstock on log splitters, and so they've given us an opportunity here in order to be able to sell these things to you at some really aggressive prices delivered to your home. Spend some time here with me. We'll walk around and look at some of the features on these splitters and show you some of the ways that they go above and beyond a lot of the economy log splitters that you might find from some other box stores.

Alamo Falcon 15 Flex Wing Mower

We're out today with a really unique piece that came through our a lot that we thought we'd show you today. It's an Alamo Falcon 15 Flex Wing Mower. The really unique piece about this is that it's not driven with traditional PTO Drivelines and instead is completely hydraulically operated

Choosing Implements Size Matters

We're out today to have a short conversation about sizing implements to your tractor with skid loader couplers becoming very common on front loaders and category one three-point hitches on even the smallest of tractors.

Land Pride RCP2660 Parallel Arm Rotary Cutter on a Kubota M5-091

The variety of applications that we get into with equipment, it seems almost unending sometimes. We do a lot of talking here on our channels about compact tractors, and utility tractors, and farm tractors and that kind of stuff but we also sell equipment into municipal applications as well. One of the most common applications that we see is highway mowing, where guys run in off-wheels and that kind of stuff to cut along road banks.

Enorossi Sickle Bar Mower with Kubota B2301

A lot of the apeel of equipment is not necessarily just the loader and mower task that we so often talk about. 90% of the machines that we sell wiill go out with loaders and mowers to do those repetitive chores that people have but the real appeal of small tractors like this is in the huge variety of them it's that you can put behind these machines. As you own and operate a tractor like this, there are very few implements that we can fit up to a small tractor.

Kubota BX23s BT603 Backhoe removal

I’m going to take a quick trip through the process here of taking the backhoe off of the new BX23s tractor loader backhoe. This backhoe was fairly similar to tractors that they’ve had in years gone past but there’s one significant difference in the way that the backhoe releases from the tractor here that we want to detail. You come right over here with me and look down here underneath the fender. Most backhoe is usually pin onto the back of the tractor and in the case of this machine. This is a little bit different.

5 Most Common Compact Tractor Attachments

I'm here today do a quick explanation for you today of the top five implements that are typically sold with the compact tractor. Tractors themselves are after all tool carriers and most or every tractor is sold with at least two or more implements. We're going to show you some of the most common ones that are typically sold with new machines.

NEW Woods Batwing 15.50

I'm excited to introduce to you the new Woods 15 foot Batwing BW 15.50. This project started over two years ago when Woods started interviewing hundreds of customers across the United States, what they would want if they had got to redesign a new Batwing mower.

How Equipment Arrives To The Dealership

We're out today to show you around our dealership a little bit and show you how equipment arrives here from different manufacturers and some of the work that we do in order to get the machine prepped and ready to send out to you.

Kubota BX4070 Cab For the BX80-Series Tractors

We've got out today a cab one of Kubota BX-series tractor. This is Kubota 's new factory cab offering for this machine. One of the things we always find frustrating about a lot of our tractor manufacturers is that they never do a very good job of giving us a lot of information about the accessories for these machines. While we're out here today we've got one of these in a lot, we're going to take an opportunity to walk around here show you the way that this thing fits onto the machine and show you some of its features and benefits.

Kubota BX80 Series Front Quick Hitch

We're going to to go through the process today of putting the Front Quick Hitch system onto the BX Series tractor. This hitch is used for the front snowblower and front blade systems. It has a couple of different parts and moving pieces here. We're going to show you exactly how the setup of this system works to switch from, say, a loader configuration to a snowblower.

Kubota BX-80 Series with BX2816 Front Snowblower

We're out today with the Kubota BX2816 50 inch front snowblower for the BX80 series tractors. This is a unique piece that we have out here today typically we get a little frustrated when our vendors don't give us a whole lot of good information about front attachments and those kinds of things. We're going to spend some time on this one and hopefully be able to give you a little bit of information it might be hard to come by when flipping through a piece of literature.

How to Remove a Kubota BX Series Loader

One of the best features that we have on these loaders when you lift them up and down is the ability to go and keep the bucket level as the loader goes up and down. You'll notice that a lot of lesser tractors and lesser loaders, it's very difficult to do this function smoothly and you'll see something like this when the loader goes up and then the bucket moves, and then the loader goes up and then the bucket moves. Kubota does a really good job in the way they plumb these valves and making stroking multiple functions really easy in simple operation and that's just not the case even in a lot of other leading tractors out there.

How to Operate a Kubota BT602 Backhoe

This is Kubota's purpose-built backhoe for the BX series tractors. We're going to do a quick walk-around here, show you the functions of this backhoe, exactly how it works. We'll dig in the dirt out here a little bit, and you can check and see whether this is something that is right for you. One thing that you'll notice is a little bit different on this backhoe, compared to the lot of the other ones that we put on tractors, is that there is no separate seat for the backhoe. On most tractors, where hoes are added on after the fact, a second seat is put behind the backhoe. When you want to operate it, you get off the tractor and get back onto a second seat.

Kubota LA534 Front Loader Removal & Operation

This is the loader that's used on the B50 series tractors including the B2650/3350 and 3350SU. Both are open station and cab variants. We're going to do a quick walk around here on this loader to show you some features and how it's removed from the tractor.

*NEW* Landpride Snow Pushboxes for BX, B & L Series Kubota Compact Tractors

Introducing Landprides new snow pushbox for medium and light duty tractors. Giving you a full product description, walk-around and demo.