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Comparing Kubota TLB series tractors (B26, L47, M62)

We'll do a quick walk around here and explain some of the unique features about these models. These are three tractors that are often very misunderstood in the Kubota product line-up and we'll show you some of those reasons why.

Kubota KXO33-4 Compact Excavator Walk Around & Review

This model here replaces the prior model which we're lucky enough to have side by side, the KX91. Join me here as we walk around and we’ll point out a couple of new differences on this updated model. The KX91 has been a really popular model for us. We stock quite a few of them both for customers and for our own rental fleet. One of the things that’s made this machine so popular is that this is the heaviest Kubota excavator that we can sell that can fit onto a 10,000 pound trailer.

Service Maintenance Tips on a Kubota SSV75-SSV65 Skid Loaders

Today we're going to go over some service and maintenance practices on an SSV75, this is a brand new machine, pilot control. We're going to go over how to tilt the cab. How to change the oil, where all the filters are, fuel tank and all of that good stuff.

Mechanical Deep Dive on a New Holland Compact Track Loader

Today we're going to talk about servicing a C232 CTL loader. 

New Holland L218 Skid Steer Walk Around

Today, we're going to look at the New Holland L218 Skid Steer Loader. This machine has many nice features beginning with the design.

A Cute Excavator, But does it dig Kubota K008-3

We're out with the Kubota K008 excavator. Mini, mini excavator or as my wife would say cute. Now we're going to take a quick walk around this machine here, take a look at it and see if it's something that might be right for your application. 

Kubota SSV Series Skid Loader - Two years in review

We did our first video on Kubota's new SSV series of skid loaders about a year and a half ago when they first came out. We're going to take a couple minutes of your time today to go around and tell you a little bit of our experience with this model over the last year or so, tell you some of the strong points and weak points that we've seen in this machine, and hopefully educate you a little bit more about Kubota's line of skid loaders.

How we use our Kubota R530 Wheel Loader

I'm standing out today beside this Kubota R630, one of their bigger wheel loaders that they offer. I thought it'd be interesting to show you today the ways that we actually use one of these pieces. Guys always seem to be interested at the equipment that we choose to use ourselves. We actually use the R530 wheel loader at our different locations for loading and unloading trucks.

Excavator Coupler Options

Today we have a customer setting up his excavator using a pin grabber coupler. I'm going to show you the pin grabber, exactly how it works and also the traditional mechanical coupler as well. And show you some of the two pros and cons of the different coupler systems that you can have between your buckets and your excavators. So the coupler that you'll typically find on most excavators is a traditional mechanical coupler.

Review of the Kubota SVL75-2 Track Loader

Kubota construction launched into their truck loader series in late 2010, they've been very successful. Our dealership is to deliver 200 of these machines just a robust solid machine

Product Details on the Kubota M62

This tractor occupies a unique space in Kubota's lineup. Let's take a quick walk around here and take a look at some of the new features.

Kubota SVL95-2S Compact Track Loader Overview

Neil provides an overview of the new Kubota SVL95-2S Compact Track Loader.

Review of the new Kubota SSV65 Skid Loaders

Here with the very first of our Kubota SSV skid steers. We're really excited to show these to you here today. This is probably for us one of the biggest Kubota product launches we have ever had. The demand and excitement among our customers and our staff here is probably a new record among products that we've had through here before.

Kubota KX080-3 Super Double Boom

T&D Excavating is starting on a building project we are doing. Check out how their KX080-3 with the double boom was able to rip out our rotting loading dock.