Hay Tools | Wheel vs Rotary Rakes

We're going to talk about today raking. We're going to hit a couple of things. We're going to talk about a wheel rake which is this is a carted style rake. We're going to look at some other type of wheel rakes and then we're going to talk about some rotary rakes. We're going to tell you what we feel is what's best for what operation, try to answer those questions that say, "What rakes for me? What's the best rake out there and why should I choose this rake?"

Hay Bale Handling for Consumers. How big of a tractor? What spear is best?

Neil from Messicks here today to have a quick conversation with you about hay bales, and specifically the weights of bales and the efficient ways in order to handle them. Can really have this conversation with two different groups of people, both the producers of hay bales and the consumers of them. This video is really going to be geared towards the consumer of the bale itself, so I'm going to walk through here with you a little bit and tell you how to handle these things around your farm. 

Krone KW552 Walk Around and Review

Today we're going to look at the four rotor Krone Hay Tedder as well as the six rotor Krone Hay Tedder. We'll go over a few features and benefits of these tedders. We have here the Krone KW552 four rotor tedder.

Krone SW710T Twin Rotor Hay

This is a model Krone SW710T is a twin rudder hay rake. A few of the benefits and features of this rake are that you can rake two rows together or you can rake two individual rows. The way this is accomplished is there are a set of hoses on the front of this rake.

Krone Big-X 630 Forage Harvester in Wind Damaged Corn

Krone Big-X 630 in wind damaged corn. 10-row EasyCollect gathering header sweeping the field clean.

Krone Big M in the field

We have a handful of these out, amazing machines.